Applying the wisdom of NLP to the world of Special Educational Needs


The first step to helping students with their learning, behavioural, emotional and physical difficulties is to see them and yourself in a new way, a way which allows for change. A way which offers hope, and provides specific and useful tools and skills.  

New Oceans has developed a set of magic tools to help students with Special Educational Needs.So if you are looking for a bit of magic of helping in moving your students from SEN to SENsational. And of course if you want to GO MAD (Make A Difference) and  BAD (Be A Difference), then call us now.

"If a child cannot learn the way we teach we must teach him the way he can learn."


We each have a sunbeam detector inside
That can spot any cloud’s silver lining
There’s always another view that can be taken
Raindrops or sunbeams, it’s of our own making -
The way we react to the clouds - that becomes self-defining.
We are what we think, and our thoughts are made up of the senses
So too are attitudes, values, our strengths, our defences
We can help others reframe the storms that life brings
Help them grow roses from the manure that life flings!
When we drop the judgemental, get OUR raindrops out of the way
We can help others see that, although today’s cloudy,
Tomorrow’s a lovely day!


Emotional freedom - that’s anchors and such
The various ways to get back in touch
With empowering feelings you’d like to re-use
No more having just to react, you can CHOOSE
To be in the most appropriate state
To deal with whatever
Now isn’t that clever?
Now isn’t that great?


Nourishing doesn’t imply to ‘force-feed’!
We have to pace pace before we can lead
Catch ‘m in sunbeams, accept what those meant
And even the raindrops had some good intent
Acknowledge them, anchor them in times ahead
A rainbow will grow when the mind is well fed!


All we make happen begins in the mind
And every thought strategy has a design
When something’s not working, major or minor
We need a strategy tuner/designer
For instance - more internal V, add some A
Perhaps then a smidgen or two extra K -
They drive how you think, how you feel, what you do….
Keep your strategies tuned, ‘cos they represent YOU!


Brain to the left of you, brain to the right!
If they’re not balanced, you’re in for a fight!
Front brain, and back brain, and middle one too
“Get YOUR head together!” to be the best you!
When we’re re-balanced, and once more aligned
Labels aren’t usually needed, you’ll find
Raviv, Ron Davis, Brain Gym….. all our talents ‘r
Brought out more with an aligner and balancer!


Towards’ and not ‘Away from’ thoughts are rainbows in the head!
Reframing things that make you sad to something fun instead
Don’t tell yourself “My tea’s half gone!”, say “I’ve still half a cup!”
And if you hit rock bottom, say “The only way is up!”


Inside each one of us there is a team which represents
All facets of our character, each part of us, each sense
Get to know your Inner Team, and keep them all aligned
You’ll find the secret of success is all inside your mind!


OARS is the Learning Frame,use it each day
Outcomes, Alignment - the O and the A
Rapport with the topic, the teacher, with YOU!
And good State is vital to take in what’s new
So while we’re on S’s, let’s add one or two
Strategies, Styles - how you do what you do!
OARS are not only the best way to row
They’re also the best way to learn and to grow!


Stuck inside a problem, and you wish you could break free?
What you need are nine degrees of flexibility………..
Step into the way you were, before it had occurred
And encourage you today with a helpful word!
Go to when it’s sorted out, and let the future you
Send you back a message to help you make it through
Be two other people - someone special, someone wise
From Present, Past, and Future let them guide you and advise
No matter what your problem was, you’ll see it diff’rently
When you use your nine degrees of flexibility!


I wonder if you’ve wondered, “HOW do we communicate?”
If you believe it’s just with words, you’re sadly out of date!
That’s Consciousness to Consciousness, but there’s a better way
Your UNconscious to MY unconscious has no need to say
A single word, our bodies and our eyes show every thought!
That’s something new to take on board, it’s not what we’ve been taught!
With all communication channels open wide, and clear
We’ll learn much more than those who only talk, but seldom hear!


The Logical Levels - Where? What? How? and Why?
And then even higher still, up to the ‘I’
Is a model of who we are, and furthermore
Beyond who we are, who we’re doing it for!
When they’re all in line
THAT’S when we shine!
You could call it a ladder, or ,maybe a tower…….
But for us at New Oceans, it’s Pyramid Power!

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