EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique – The most effective Stress-Reduction Technique?



This two day workshop, which is open to all, will teach you about and show you how to use EFT & EmoTrance, two of the most powerful techniques to change beliefs and clear emotional limitations with astounding ease.

Meridian Therapy techniques can “stand alone” or be used with NLP techniques. The change processes use the clients natural energy systems with such speed and conclusion that it has been heralded as “Magic” and, “What problem?” by clients at the conclusion of treatment!

I have been working with counselling, EFT, Hypnosis and NLP, starting in 1993. EFT is the single, most effective method I have found for rapid change and therapeutic working, having explored EMDR as well.

My work with EFT became dramatically improved with NLP training. EFT compliments NLP, itself one of the most effective therapeutic tools.

NLP creates the massive base to powerful change work and sound knowledge of NLP is, probably, vital to make EFT work most effectively.

EFT heals phobias with profound ease. I have used EFT to heal chronic pain, life-long depression, heal addictions, fears, deep seated anger, maximising confidence and healing relationships.

The only limits to the use of EFT are those of the therapist.

I will show you, in the first module, how to use EFT to heal almost everything that anyone could bring. In Module Two you will learn faster ways of working and how to test if your client has really healed or needs more.

The courses is experiential, easy to learn, easy to show your clients to use, guarantee your ability to be highly effective and DO NOT NEED YOU TO SHARE ANY FACTS OR CONTENT ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS unless you care to do so. IMAGINE HOW PLEASED AND RELIEVED YOUR CLIENTS MIGHT BE TO FEEL GOOD AGAIN, WITHOUT TELLING YOU LOADS OF PAINFUL STUFF!

That is the Good News! The less than Good News is you will be so quick and effective in your work may heal others so quickly that you will have to find more deserving clients to heal.

This a MUST for Professionals who WANT TO BE EFFECTIVE!

Join Malcolm Ruddock, Meridian Therapist, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, and Certified Time Line Therapy Trainer, for an exciting weekend of discovery.

Programme Investment

This course is a two day course. A comprehensive course manual, lunch and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is £199+vat (£233)

Venue & Dates

Call for details

The course is held at Hitchin, Herts


Meet Malcolm Ruddock

I had been working with young people as a youth worker and counsellor for over ten years before learning more profound techniques to effect change. My original desire was to help young people change self-limiting beliefs and, often, antisocial behaviour. While I assisted people to achieve changes, I often found that the processes I used, took months or years. Sometimes people never quite made the changes or released the painful feelings they brought.

I started to look at other ways to effect change and achieve the release of unwanted feelings in a short time. These seemed to be the most important aspects of therapy people wanted. I explored and studied new methods that could be used with counselling skills. While still embracing the values of empathy and confidentiality that underpin every therapeutic relationship, these methods produced rapid changes which delighted me and surprised clients.

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