Intuitive Styles Profiler
"There is no failure, only feedback"


This quiz is a fun way to explore four of the more common intuitive senses: your ability to feel, know, see and hear as spirit. While we are limited to only 5 main physical senses, we actually have many more intuitive abilities.

To use this Profiler, answer the 15 questions below as spontaneously as you can. When you have answered all the questions, click Score.

  1. I make important decisions based on my . . .
    a) Gut feelings and comfort level feeling.
    b) Sense of inner knowingthinking.
    c) Ability to visualize the best outcome.
    d) Trusty inner voice that always guides me in the right direction.
    e) Logical review of the facts.
  2. My idea of fun is. . .
    a) Dancing, exercising, walking in nature.
    b) Meditating, or going to an inspirational presentation.
    c) Going to a movie, theatre or art gallery.
    d) Attending a concert or listening to my favourite band.
    e) Visiting the museum or science world.
  3. When working on a project I tend to . . .
    a) Feel the general consensus of the team and move forward with that
    b) Know what needs to be done & do it
    c) See the results I want to attain and directing my actions to achieve them
    d) Hear myself presenting the results and what my boss will say in response
    e) Analyse the data, plan the course of action and organize my time to get it done

  4. When I am unwell I . . .
    a) Feel my body's symptoms and emotions and soothe them as best I can
    b) Know what is wrong and what I need to do to get better
    c) Visualize the area of discomfort and send healing colours there
    d) Listen to my guidance regarding how to treat my ailment
    e) Gather advice by visiting the doctor or researching symptoms on the internet

  5. When I meet a romantic partner my first impression is usually . . .
    a) How I feel emotionally and sexually toward them
    b) A kind of knowing - this is the one for me
    c) That I can see us together as a couple
    d) Have a voice inside telling me whether they are a good match or not
    e) Find out all about them, where they work, what they like and then decide if it is a match

  6. I determine if I want to be friends with someone by. . .
    a) Tuning into their emotions and sensing how they feel
    b) Knowing who they are & what they like
    c) Seeing the truth about them from their expressions, mannerisms, clothes etc.
    d) Listening to their interests and taking my cues from that
    e) Weighing up the pros and cons based on my experiences with them

  7. When communicating with someone who might be lying I tune into . . .
    a) How we each are feeling; "are they nervous; am I uncomfortable?"
    b) What I know to be true versus what they are telling me
    c) How things appear and then seeing if that matches my intuition
    d) What I am hearing and then intuiting what sounds right
    e) What makes most sense given the evidence

  8. When someone asks me a question I . . .
    a) Sense the answer in my belly on an emotional or gut level
    b) Tune into the top of my head and let the answer come to me
    c) Look with my inner vision at the circumstances of the question and possible answers
    d) Ask for guidance and usually hear what my response is before I say it
    e) Consult my intellect and give a logical response

  9. When I bring to mind something new I want to create in my life I . . .
    a) Sense how I will feel when I have it
    b) Sense how I will feel when I have it
    c) See it in my mind's eye until it is clear
    d) Hear my inner voice encouraging me to move forward
    e) Figure out the best way to get what I want.

  10. What I remember places I have visited I tend to recall . . .
    a) How I felt when I was there
    b) All the familiar things I know about it
    c) What it looked like, all the sights, the people, the colours
    d) The sounds that characterised it
    e) Details of the trip, such as what went wrong, my travel itinerary etc.
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