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Abeer Kabariti

Abeer Kabariti, MA.Psy of SEN,GHQP. Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Life Coach for women and Children. EFT Therapist for children and a clinical hypnotherapist for children.

Abeer is a Nationally Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (GHSC). She has been using hypnosis as a major therapy tool in her practice since 2008. As a Master Life Coach, she has been active in personal and educational development for over 20 years in Jordan and United Kingdom.

Abeer is certified by The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a specialist in Paediatrics Hypnosis. In 2011 she specialised as a specialist in Hypnotic Pain Control, Slimming and relationship. Abeer has a Master of Science degree in Education and Psychology for Special Needs Children from the University London (Institute of Education) and a Bachelor degree in Psychology.

Being passionate about NLP Abeer established TLC practice in East Barnet, devoted to helping teen girls, mothers, women and children to become everything they've always dreamed of. Transformations Learning Centre (TLC) services are delivered with Tender and Loving Care (TLC)

Abeer is NLP Master Coach certified by New Oceans and the International NLP Trainers Association.

She works to invest her time in women and children transformations. Currently she is running group work and one to-one coaching sessions in Barnet and Enfield.

Through her collaboration with New Oceans in Jordan helping children, orphans, and mothers, Abeer has now developed an online coaching nationally and internationally rejoicing her mission of helping women and children all over the world delivered through TLC and that is all what Transformations Learning Centre is about.

Abeer believes that in the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.

Virginia Satir indicated that Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family. It is significant for her to live and speak her mission and to help women and children to recognise that they have all the resources in their hands and in a world where they can be anything... to be themselves.

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Dr Aghadeer Jweihan

Aghadeer is the Director of the Office of HRH Princess Tahgrid Mohammed of Jordan. She has a BA in Law and a Masters Degree in Womens' Studies, and has a Ph.D in Education (political socialization). Her passion for education grew through her Ph.D thesis, when she developed a program in political development for high school students, using all the new training methods to build their skills and motivate them to become productive individuals in the community, and have an active political participation in the future.

Aghadeer is a certified international trainer and project manager, and is a consultant in education, women's empowerment, and political development for several centres in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other Arab countries.

As well as her book on Total Quality Management(TQM) in Higher Education, Library, and Computer centres, Aghadeer also developed a training program for university teachers to improve their skills in education using quality management and new teaching methods. She publishes a monthly magazine, Ghazel, as a forum on the educational and social problems facing today's Arab world.

Aghadeer believes that education is the real way to change societies, and when she attended New Oceans NLP Introduction workshop she realised that theirs are the most profound tools to help people take ownership for their own lives, and develop to be the best they can be. Now she wants to let her country benefit from it, snd has therefore taken on the promotion and organizing role in the team, to spread NLP in the Arab world .


Paul Jacobs

Is a Certified NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Master Coach and Trainer and has been delivering NLP Introduction, Diploma, Practitioner, and Master Practitioner trainings to several hundreds of participants over the past ten years. Paul is an acknowledged expert in the specialised field of NLP in Education.

He is the founder and Director of Education at New Oceans, which provides excellence in NLP to education (schools, further & higher education, lecturers, teachers, special educational needs specialists, learning support assistants, students and parents).

Paul is also co-founder, with Dee Shipman, of ICADIA, The I CAN DO IT ACADEMY - a non-profit organisation helping students to transform their raindrops into sunbeams and shine in all walks of life.

New Oceans provide a wide programme of training and consultancy on NLP for staff at a number of Schools, Further Education and Universities. Some examples include:-

  • Wallington High School, Two Waters Primary School, Farnborough 6th Form College ...
  • West Nottingham FE College, Oaklands FE College, Mansfield University, Abingdon & Witney FE College, Luton University, Newham Sixth Form College

and work with many students in understanding Learning Styles at several colleges across the world:

  • London College of Fashion, Solihull Sixth Form College, Leicester College, Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland, USA, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky, USA, De Lasalle University College, St.Benilde, Manila, Philippines

our on-line Academy Personality Profiler has been used by over 5,000 students world wide

Dee Shipman

Dee Shipman is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer and Master Coach, and trains, with Paul Jacobs, the Further Education Colleges and Universities listed above. Together, as well as their open NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, they use their expertise in working with students to run NLP Education Diplomas, NLP SEN Diplomas, and Parenting workshops, as well as Inset Day trainings in schools.

Dee's specialised space is in Women's issues, and in working with the parents of children with challenges, also with education professionals to help them relate to, and communicate more effectively with, their students.

Dee is an established writer and lyricist. Her latest book, 'All We Are Is Our Stories' is now available.

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