Entrepreneurial Assessment


You need to think about why you would like to own your own business. What makes you think you will be Successful in business?

Some business development materials start out with a dissertation on the characteristics of the business owner in order to help you decide if you should go into business for yourself. These questions deal with the basic personality of potential entrepreneurs.

  • Are you "entrepreneurial" enough to build a business?
  • Do you know what the meaning of the word "entrepreneurial"?
  • Are you a risk taker? 
  • Did you get good grades in school? Did you know many successful entrepreneurs did not?

You are a cautious person and a good student. Should you forget the whole thing? That's what some entrepreneurial tests would suggest. 

However, there are many successful business owners who, as an adolescent, were team players, athletes, school leaders, excellent students, and never seriously questioned the status quo. Often, though, a tendency toward caution is not typical of many successful entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs tend to be maverick personalities with risk-taking vision and courage. Many entrepreneurs tend to be just a bit "off beat" and they sometimes need to be in order to creatively grow a successful business. 

Obviously there is no set formula for success. However, the following entrepreneurial test may help you in your personal evaluation process. You just need to remember that this is simply a tool. It is fun to take and fun to interpret, but you should keep it in perspective. 

For each question, click on the answer that best describes you. You must answer ALL questions for the test to be accurate.

I am persistent.

When I'm interested in a project, I need less sleep.

When there's something I want, I keep my goal clearly in mind.

I examine mistakes and I learn from them.

I keep New Year's resolutions.

I have a strong personal need to succeed.

I have new and different ideas.

I am adaptable.

I have a reputation for being stubborn.

I am curious.

I am intuitive.

If something can't be done, I find a way.

I see problems as challenges.

I take chances.

I'll gamble on a good idea even if it isn't a sure thing.

To learn something new, I explore unfamiliar subjects.

I can recover from emotional setbacks.

I feel sure of myself.

I'm a positive person.

I experiment with new ways to do things.

I'm willing to undergo sacrifices to gain possible long term rewards.

I usually do things my own way.

I tend to rebel against authority.

I often enjoy being alone.

I like to be in control.


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