Stress Profiler
"Don't Get Mad, Get Funny"


This Profiler will help you understand how stressed you are. Do you ever suffer from any of the following? Just tick the boxes that most apply to you then click SCORE.

Feeling depressed
Feeling restless
Lack of concentration
Feeling panicked/attacks
Frequent crying
Increased smoking
Increased alcohol consumption
Finger or foot tapping
Scratching scalp or hair twiddling
Accident prone
Skin problems
High blood pressure
Excessive sweating or cold sweats
Rapid or irregular breathing
Allergies occuring more often
Frequent colds
Pre-menstrual tension
Absent from work
Working long hours
Dreading going to work
Lack of communication
Taking work home
Over concern with silly details
Nail biting
Never having time for yourself

This may seem a ridiculous topic considering that Stress Tips exists to reduce your stress. I'm sure you are aware that there is "good stress", EUSTRESS, and "bad stress", DISTRESS.

The physiological responses to distress and eustress are basically the same but the brain processes the experiences differently. Eustress occurs when you voluntarily agree to ride a roller-coaster or ski down a challenging slope or become adventurous.

Do you have enough ADVENTURE in your life? Eustress occurs when you do something different, break a routine, make a new friend, travel to a new place or generate some excitement for yourself.

I encourage you to set aside some time for adventure this week and to make it a theme for life..

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"You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to turn away from the shore"

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