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About the Programme

Whether you're trying to build a dynamic work group, solve team problems or create a more effective and productive team, the MBTI is a powerful team building resource. Using the MBTI tool with teams you can:

  • improve communication while increasing productivity
  • provide guidelines to deal with conflict
  • promote diversity and the appreciation of differences
  • identify weak spots and help members anticipate them
  • show members how to value and capitalise on each others' strengths

New Oceans Team building workshops based on MBTI help individuals understand their preferred working style, learn how best to work with others, and determine how their personal goals and those of the organisation can be implemented. An expected outcome for most team building sessions is that participants learn how to work together more efficiently and effectively - to accomplish their work while maintaining their relationships.

Because of its positive orientation, the MBTI helps foster openness and trust within a team. It provides a framework for understanding human behaviour and a language to discuss that behaviour in constructive and empowering terms. Additionally, through type, individuals in work units can feel valued for their unique gifts. This often results in a spirit of co-operation and an enhancement of productivity. Additionally, the MBTI can help the team proceed smoothly toward the objectives of bringing to the surface, exploring, and resolving the team's interpersonal conflicts and stylistic differences.

Our Team Building Workshops are tailored to the needs of the organisation. We first send the MBTI questionnaires to your organisation two weeks prior to your workshop - participants have one week to complete and return the questionnaire to the New Oceans office. We then compile and analyse the data and create MBTI reports for each participant and customise the learning activities for your team building workshop based on the spread of profiles.

We provided both two-day and three-day Team Building Workshops. The investment for a two-day workshop is £300 + Vat per participant - this includes the MBTI administration and processing for each participant. The investment for the three-day workshop is £450 + Vat per participant. Call for other options for larger groups

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This Course is suitable for

Anyone who wants to make a difference

Programme Investment

This course is a 2-day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

Cost of investment: £300 (+ vat) per participant - this includes the MBTI administration and processing for each participant.

Venue & Dates

Call for details.

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