The BIG4 Taster
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The BIG4 Taster can help you understand what energises and motivates you, how you look at things and how you like to make decisions. To use the Profiler, take a moment to think about yourself in a professional or work context.

From the next 4 tables choose a column you prefer - click the "Prefer this column" button. Now, think carefully. You might want to say you're both. We all are. But the key is, "what are you more COMFORTABLE doing?" Go with your gut, and pick what you feel is the best answer. Choose one column from each of the tables and then click PROFILE and a personality profile will be provided. If you would like a more detailed feedback, please enter your contact information below.

TABLE 1: The first preference has to do with how you're ENERGIZED. Take a minute to look these two options over and give it some serious thought...

Column AColumn B
  • Tolerate noise and crowds.
  • Talk more than listen.
  • Communicate with enthusiasm.
  • Be distracted easily.
  • Meet people readily and participatein many activities.
  • Blurt things out without thinking.
  • Hates to do nothing. On the go.
  • Like working or talking in groups
  • Like to be centre of attention.
  • Avoid crowds and seek quiet.
  • Listen more than talk.
  • Keep enthusiasm to self.
  • Concentrate well.
  • Proceed cautiously in meeting people & participate in selected activities.
  • Think carefully before speaking.
  • Time alone to recharges batteries.
  • Would prefer to socialize in smallgroups or just do job "by myself."
  • Content being on the sidelines.
Prefer this column Prefer this column

TABLE 2: The second preference has to do with how you GATHER information... or what you pay attention to.

Column AColumn B
  • Learn new things by imitationand observation.
  • Value solid, recognizable methodsachieved in step-by-step manner.
  • Focus on actual experience
  • Tend to be specific and literal;give detailed descriptions.
  • Behave practically.
  • Rely on past experiences.
  • Likes predictable relationships.
  • Appreciates standard ways to solveproblems.
  • Methodical.
  • Value realism and common sense.
  • Learns new things through generalconcepts.
  • Value different or unusual methodsachieved via inspiration.
  • Focus on possibilities.
  • Tend to be general and figurative;use metaphors and analogies.
  • Behave imaginatively.
  • Rely on hunches.
  • Values change in relationships.
  • Use new and different ways to solveproblems and teach solutions.
  • Leap around in a roundabout way.
  • Value imagination and innovation.
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TABLE 3: This preference deals with how we MAKE DECISIONS and reach conclusions...

Column AColumn B
  • Have truth as an objective.
  • Decide more with my head.
  • Question others' findings,'because they might be wrong.
  • Notice ineffective reasoning.
  • Choose truthfulness over tactfulness.
  • Deal with people firmly, as needed
  • Expect world to run on logicalprinciples.
  • Notice pros & cons of each option.
  • See others' flaws... critical.
  • Feelings valid if they're logical.
  • Tolerate occasional queries asto my emotional state in relationships
  • Have harmony as a goal.
  • Decide more with my heart.
  • Agree more with others' findings,- because people are worth listening to.
  • Notice when people need support.
  • Choose tactfulness over truthfulness.
  • Deal with people compassionately.
  • Expect the world to recognizeindividual differences.
  • Note how an option has value andit affects people.
  • Like to please others; show appreciation.
  • ANY feeling is valid.
  • Appreciate frequent queries asto my emotional state
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TABLE 4: This preference has to do with the LIFESTYLE you adopt.

Column AColumn B
  • Prefer my life to be decisive, imposing my will on it
  • Prefer knowing what they're getting themselves into
  • Feel better after making decisions
  • Enjoy finishing things.
  • Work for a settled life, with myplans in order.
  • Dislike surprises & wantadvance warnings.
  • See time as a finite resource,and take deadlines seriously.
  • Like checking off "to do" list.
  • Feel better with things planned.
  • Settled. Organized.
  • Seek to adapt my life and experience to what comes along.
  • Like adapting to new situations.
  • Prefer to keep things open.
  • Enjoy starting things.
  • Keep my life as flexible aspossible so that nothing's missed.
  • Enjoy surprises and like adaptingand like adapting to last-minute changes.
  • See time as a renewable resource,and see deadlines as elastic.
  • Ignore "to do" list, even if made one.
  • Would rather do whatever comes along.
  • Tentative. Flexible. Spontaneous.
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