Motivation Meter


What motivates you?

For each statement score: 0 - if it is nothing like you, 1 - if it is something like you, 2- if it is exactly like you.

Check each statement that applies to you and click score.

0(never) – 2 (always)
  0 1 2
I try hard to regularly keep up with my friends and family

I admire voluntary workers; they give up so much to help others.

I love sitting in public places, people watching.

I find human nature endlessly fascinating.

I couldn't respect a partner who trampled on others' feelings.

I wouldn't take a promotion if I felt it would affect my relationship.

I get a buzz out of doing things better than others do

If I think I'm going to fail at something, I just lose interest.

I thrive on working in a competitive environment.

I give myself pep talks to make myself do better.

I notice and aspire to people who are successful in their own fields

It's important for me to feel that I'm always improving myself.
I like to bring people round to my way of thinking.

Sometimes I deliberately disagree with people, to get a response

I get a buzz from being in charge

At a social/work gathering, I like everyone to feel my presence.

In a pride of lions, I'd like to be the dominant male/female.

I respect powerful people and aspire to be like them.



Authority & Power


"You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to turn away from the shore"

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