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"We are angels but with only one wing. So to fly we need to embrace each other"


FIONA was an events organiser, aged 27, who was, she said, “Desperate” to change her job. She felt that her senior line manager wasn’t allowing her to express her creativity, but said “I don’t see a way round this, and anyway, I just don’t feel I have the energy to demand more”. As a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach, I am trained to understand a client’s internal sensory preferences - which influence how they think - from what are called ‘sensory predicates’, the words they use to express what’s happening in their heads.

Fiona was using phrases like “see a way round this”, and “don’t feel I have the energy.”, which told me she had Visual/Kinesthetic preferences. And these were not being honoured by her line manager.

She also didn’t know how to say ‘No’, and coupled with her “not knowing what else I can do”, also showed me her ‘Away From’ preference - for Fiona the cup was usually ‘half empty’ rather than ‘half full’. She lacked self-esteem, confidence, and the realisation that actually, she already had all the resources - previous experiences - she needed to be able to do what she wanted.

My job was just to help her access these; to reframe her language, to herself and others, to become more ‘Towards’, solution rather than problem based: to get her to say what she wanted, not what she didn’t want.

Two 1 hour coaching sessions resulted in her saying ‘Yes’ to herself more, and ‘No’ more to others. She then changed to a senior executive creative role in another company as well as getting married and having a baby!

JENNIFER, an impeccably well-groomed lady in her early fifties, was, reluctantly, running her own small publishing company. It was a family business, which she’d taken over when her father had retired.

She came to me for what she originally referred to as ‘business’coaching, because she needed help to build up the company to a point where it was financially viable enough to sell it. Like Fiona, Jennifer too had a very ‘Away From’ preference - she wasn’t sure what she wanted, so much as knowing what she didn’t want…. responsibility she didn’t enjoy, and the business itself! In fact the only time her language was about wanting something it was still ‘Away From’…… “I want to get rid of the company”; “I want to get out!”

She did all the writing of articles in their magazines, and let her brother do the sales, “Because I can’t”, she told me. Working with her in three coaching sessions, we reorganised the structure of the company, helping her to reframe her responsibility to it and to the family members. She had hated what she’d been doing, but had still been what she herself called a ‘control freak’!

Together we got her to choose to step back, and encourage the family to take on different roles: she let her son do the writing and editing, her brother was allowed to take the retirement to Spain he’d thought impossible, and Jennifer took over his sales role.

She found that not only did she love selling, she was also really good at it!

Jennifer e-mailed me some time later to say that she and the business were doing so well, the company was financially viable at last, and she was enjoying it so much, that she’d decided not to sell it after all!

In this busy hectic world, we often put important parts of our lives on hold for our jobs, spouses, children and friends. Life in the 21st Century is extreme. More and more people seem to be experiencing increased stress in their lives. We frequently hear complaints about not enough time, job burnout, being confronted with too many choices and decisions, and a feeling of spinning ones wheels.

Happily, help has arrived in the form of life coaching with NLP, a powerful antidote to life in the 21st Century. A life coach is someone who helps you think out loud, supports you when you take a solid hit, serves as your wake-up call and is your partner in achieving your personal and professional goals.

To put it another way:

Life Coaching is a personal and powerful relationship focused on knowing, having, doing and being what you want in life. A life coach provides a simple, yet effective structure of support to assist you in moving forward in significant areas of your life: career, health, romance, personal growth, education, spirituality, fun and recreation, physical environment, and friends and family. A life-coach will help you—

  • Design a life that fits who you are
  • Create compelling goals
  • Clear obstacles from your past
  • Break through stuck thinking and stuck places
  • Develop and implement action plans that move you forward

Life Coaching works! Here's why:

  1. Some of us don't know where we're going, what our lives are about, and what our values and goals are. Life Coaching helps us clarify our purpose, values, and goals.

  2. We may know where we're going and what we need to do, but we forget or get stuck in our limiting belief systems, ineffective habits, or inability to focus. A life-coach gets us back on track by helping us identify limiting beliefs and ineffective habits and find more effective ways of being.

  3. Many times we resist change because it's easier and more comfortable to stay the way we are. Any change we make causes resistance and backlash within ourselves as well as from other people in our lives. A life-coach helps us move beyond that resistance —with greater ease and flow. In the coaching relationship you may decide to work on all areas of your life at once or just focus on one. Life Coaching clients typically report :

    • More clarity, focus and direction
    • Enhanced and satisfying relationships
    • Less procrastination and fewer stops
    • A more balanced and fulfilling life
    • Faster and bigger results
    • Increase earnings and productivity
    • A new sense of passion, energy and enthusiasm

Who do we Coach? 

We specialise in working with:

  • People in life or career transition
  • People who want to simplify their life
  • People who want to accelerate their learning
  • People who want to learn how to learn
  • Students and Adults with Learning Difficulties (ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome)
  • Anyone who wants to achieve a dream or life goal

How To Start

First, call 01727 869782 or BOOK A SESSION ONLINE to schedule a free no-obligation 45-minute coaching session. This will give you a taste of life-coaching and a sense of who we are and how we work. Then you can see for yourself how you can benefit from the life coaching process.

Formats and Fees 

1-1: £75+vat per 1 hour session at New Oceans House

Telecoaching: £150+vat/month. Four 30-minute coaching phone calls per month (pre-scheduled) with e-mail contact.

Expenses may be incurred in travelling to visit a Client charged at the rate of £20 per hour for the estimated travelling time, to and from the Client’s address.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

By the end of your consultation you will be satisfied with my service or I will refund your fee. So book your personal consultation with confidence in the knowledge that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Focus on Your Best Interests and what serves YOU.  
  Discover what You REALLY Want and Love to do (but may not know or be clear about yet)
Base your Life on your Values
  Challenge and Work Through your Blocks
Enhance your Personal and Career Options
  Make a Plan of Action and Follow through with it
Improve your Primary Relationships  
  Set up your Life for Fulfillment
Bring out your Personal Best while focusing on your Needs, Values, and Visions
  Have fun!
Set and Reach more satisfying Personal and Business Goals  

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