16-day Voyage of Discovery: Discover how people learn, think, do things excellently and how to replicate success


INLPTA NLP Practitioner ... RAPID NLP Practitioner ...

Think how your life will change when you know how to...
  • Be more persuasive and influential
  • Recognise different thinking styles
  • Set clear goals and achieve them
  • Boost your confidence and that of others
  • Change unwanted habits
  • Manage stress, and free to choose your emotions, thoughts and behaviours
  • Be adaptable and learn easily
  • Be more successful in any area of your life and work that you choose
If the answer is yes to any of the above then NEW OCEANS NLP Training is for you.

NEW OCEANS provides both an INLPTA CERTIFIED 16-day NLP PRACTITIONER programme.

The Practitioner programme start with a 4-day INLPTA DIPLOMA training, then followed by a 12-day INLPTA PRACTITIONER training.

The New Oceans 16-day INLPTA NLP Practitioner (NLP Diploma first 4 days contribution) will provide the successful participant with an internationally recognised certificate to practice NLP for self-improvement, business, training, education, coaching, and therapy.

The course is led by Paul Jacobs, certified INLPTA NLP Trainer, Master Coach, Master Coach Trainer, education consultant, and co-founder of ICADIA, the I CAN DO IT Acdemy, and the NLP Education Network. This Practitioner Certification course will be run in accordance with the International NLP Trainers Association, and is open to all. Paul is supported by Dee Shipman, NLP Trainer, Master Coach, Coach Trainer and NLP writer and songwriter, and co-founder with Paul of ICADIA'. Meet the team.

NLP can be described as an attitude, a set of skills, techniques and empowering principles which combine to offer you the possibility of excellence in every area of your life. It sets out to discover how people learn, how people think, how people do things excellently and how to replicate success - and the difference that makes the difference.

You will learn how to:
  • communicate clearly and effectively
  • be clear about what matters to you
  • build and maintain rapport - the key to successful relationships
  • increase the range of what you are able to see, hear and feel and so know more about what's going on
  • use metaphor for influencing others elegantly and subtly
  • generate practical, well-formed outcomes and how to achieve them
  • create the right context for successful individual and organisational change
  • change unwanted behaviours in positive ways
  • use NLP change techniques for dealing with ongoing negative emotions, unwanted habits, behaviours,traumas, phobias and beliefs, and know when and where use them
  • create your own personal state of excellence
  • utilise and change your perception of time
  • recognise and use powerful language patterns to empower yourself and others
  • develop your behavioural flexibility and creativity
  • accelerate your learning and your reading
  • be more at peace with yourself and others
  • uncover your mission and realise your vision
  • AND...be your own Life Coach

Venue & Dates

Practitioner Part 1 (Diploma), Part 2 and Part 3 courses are held at New Oceans Training Centre Hexton, Herts

Practitioner Part 1 (Certified INLPTA Diploma):

Please look at NLP Diploma or NLP Work Diploma dates

Practitioner Part 2 (also the New Oceans Rapid Practitioner) :

The NLP Practitioner Part 2 consists of six 1-day seminars.
SEMINAR 1 APR 26 tbs The Magic of Rapport
SEMINAR 2 APR 27 tbs Coaching & "Busting Habits"
SEMINAR 3 MAY 10 tbs Modelling Excellence
SEMINAR 4 MAY 11 tbs Language For Change
SEMINAR 5 JUN 21 tbs Milton & Beyond Language
SEMINAR 6 JUN 22 tbs Beyond Belief & Living Your Dreams

Practitioner Part 3 (INLPTA Certified Practitioner):

The INLPTA NLP Practitioner Part 3 consists of six 1-day seminars.

SEMINAR 7 tbs Advanced Communications
SEMINAR 8 tbs Advanced Busting Habits
SEMINAR 9 tbs Advanced Modelling
SEMINAR 10 tbs Advanced Language Patterns
SEMINAR 11 tbs Magic of Milton
SEMINAR 12 tbs Coaching for Success

Programme Investment
A comprehensive course manual, lunch and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

The 16-day NLP Practitioner (Diploma, Practitioner Part 2 & 3) course investment is 1400+vat (1680) for self-financed
(employer-sponsored 1700+vat, students 800+vat).

Practitioner Part 2 (6 days) is only 600 for self-financed
(employee-sponsored 1400+vat)
(students 700+vat)

Practitioner Part 3 (6 days) is only (for those who have completed a 10-day NLP Rapid Practitioner) is 400+vat (480)
(students 300+vat)

Practitioner Part 2 & 3 (12 days) is only 1100+vat for self-financed


Paul and Dee in action

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The NLP Practitioner is held in our training and conference centre The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. B&B is available for just 35.

Practitioners at work in the beautiful two acre grounds

And Accelerated Learning too!!

Throughout the Practitioner programme you will be introduced to and use Accelerated Learning technologies.

NLP with Accelerated Learning technologies will enable you to unlock the full potential of your brain.

Using music, pictures, imagery, Brain Gym, and interactive activities you will discover and work with your preferred learning style.

Physiology: How your physical state enhances your ability to learn

Memory: How to maximise your ability to remember

State: How to access the learning state, the mind-set for success

Accelerated Reading: How to dramatically increase your reading speeds-

Recall: How to use memory mapping techniques to aid recall

Brain Gym: How to keep Left- and Right-brain in harmony and balance

Workshop Diary: click DIARY BOOK DOWER

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