NOW! ShapeUp Program
"I do not know whether I was then a woman dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a woman" - Dee Shipman


NOW Women’s Entrepreneurial ShapeUp Program

Live Life And Work YOUR Way!

You’ve told us what you want, and so we’ve put together a course custom-designed to fulfil those requirements, to give you the skills to happily and successfully take on the challenges - and take full advantage of the opportunities - that come with being a female entrepreneur today!

You said that:-

  • financial institutions don’t readily meet with women, or don’t take us seriously
  • in spite of our academic qualifications, and life experience, not having a formal business background is a handicap to starting up a business of one’s own
  • not having had marketing and management training inhibits our belief in our natural abilities to promote ourselves, our businesses, our business ideas
  • being responsible for DELEGATING responsibility at home and at work is a major cause of stress
  • having to juggle business and family is another area where women feel that the work-life balance doesn’t! That IT is running THEM!
  • the practicalities of heading our own companies, of goal-setting, of understanding ‘jargon’, are a challenge
  • the idea of home-based businesses is appealing, but there is very little informed advice available as to how to actually do this, how to set it up, how to maintain a professional approach within the work area at home, etc.

NOW! Women’s Entrepreneurial ShapeUp Program, the complete course for women with the entrepreneurial spirit - women who mean business! - has been created to answer all these challenges, and give you the ‘tools’, the skills, to

Live Life And Work YOUR Way!

Starting Autumn 2005 the subjects covered include:-

  • Beginning the business adventure - first steps of the journey
  • How to put together a business plan
  • Successful communicating
  • Finding the money - who’s got it, who’ll give it, and how do you get it!
  • Business promotion and marketing
  • Setting well-formed goals…. and achieving them!
  • Keeping the work-life balance
  • Who are you as an entrepreneur……. and why you DESERVE success
  • It’s your business, your life - ENJOY THEM!

For more information contact Dee at 'NOW! New Oceans Women'....now!


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