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So you've decided to improve your life or career situation by working with a coach. But how do you choose which one is right for you, when the list of coaches is enormous? Perhaps the first decision to make is between different types of coaching, either traditional, or NLP - based like New Oceans NOW! To help you to make a more informed choice, here are some points about what each offers. Obviously we are firmly of the opinion that ours is the optimum coaching available! And this is why.............

NOW! is, by definition, the complete coaching medium. Unlike traditional coaching, counselling, and some other therapies, NOW! coaching doesn't demand that we 'hurt to heal'. And it differs most in that it is NOT about imposing one's own 'map of the world' - i.e. giving advice, however well-intentioned. New Oceans NOW! coaches work from the presupposition that we each already have all the resources we need, inside us; in our experiences, our memories; though our clients may also be starting with some beliefs, values, and behaviours that limit them, or have prevented them from taking action to get what they want. Traditional coaching can't address these limiting patterns. NOW! coaches know that when a client comes to us for coaching, we have in front of us someone with a challenge....... and the solution to it! Our job is to help them access that solution - their own resource. They know unconsciously where they are AND where they'd like to be. New Oceans NOW! coaching gets them back on the road, and helps them stay on it.

Perhaps it is easier to show the contrast between traditional, and NOW!, coaching, by looking at the presuppositions behind each.

1. Though some traditional coaches say they agree that the client has all the resources to make changes, they then say that coaching takes a long time! Surely that's contradictory? NOW! coaches know that the unconscious/subconscious mind works incredibly fast; for example, a phobia was imprinted almost instantly, even though it then became a repeated pattern. And it can be changed JUST AS FAST AS IT WAS LEARNED!, by changing that pattern. In fact sometimes we have to slow down to keep the client congruent! Because NOW! coaching is not about deciding in advance that a coaching relationship will take x months or years, but about 'pace, pace, leading' each individual according to their own unique map of the world, of themselves, of their challenge.

2. Traditional coaching believes everyone is great to begin with and coaching moves them up a level. NOW! coaching starts from "You're not broken you may just need more choices"........ and this applies to everyone, whatever level they're starting from!

3. A traditional coach is a partner to a client, not an expert or authority in the client's field. They are experts in coaching, not in behaviour or belief patterns. NOW! coaches are experts not only in the coaching process and in generic and specific behaviour, belief and habit patterns, we also match each coach's expertise to the client's needs. NOW! coaches show their clients patterns - models of excellence - which can be transferred to their own particular area of activity. Underpinning NOW! is the ability to model internal structures and strategies of excellent performance in all contexts, so they can be mapped across to anyone.

4. Traditional coaches don't focus directly on relieving psychological pain, or treating cognitive or emotional challenges, because, they say, they are not psychotherapists; though traditional coaching can be delivered alongside psychotherapy. So traditional coaching seems to require you to engage a coach AND a therapist in order to succeed! Whereas NOW! coaching can directly address psychological, cognitive, or emotional disorders.

5. NOW! coaching works with all time frames - past, present, and future. We show clients how to build content-free generic high performance states in the present, and to realise that the present time, and the future, ARE NOT IRREVOCABLY INFLUENCED BY THE PAST! Though of course in NOW! we have great techniques to help clients to resolve past issues and move forward confidently. When energy is being used to uphold old limiting beliefs, hurts, behaviours etc., it can't be used to energise now and the future. By assisting someone to take the learning from what happened (based on the presupposition that there is a positive intention behind every action). releases that energy for forward movement.

6. Traditional coaching assumes that clients are capable of expressing and handling their emotions. NOW! coaches know that people don't necessarily start out able to do this, and that we have wonderful 'tools' to help them, give them emotional freedom.

As you can see, the NOW! model of coaching is far more versatile and potent - literally! Because it assumes that people who come to us for coaching have great 'potent - ial'. Yes, they have current limiting behaviours, beliefs, habits, but the NOW! coach knows that these were developed as strategies for survival, and are now past their 'use-by' date! And if you're ready, we have the tools to help you make lasting changes now.

To sum up:- coaching is about working with people who are stuck. But very few people are stuck in a simple way, like being super-glued to the floor! They would be relatively easy to UN-stick....... a solvent would solve that! The New Oceans NOW! coaching approach is that some people are stuck like being in quicksand - the more they repeat the same movements, the further down they're sucked. They know they've got a problem, but can't help themselves move successfully unless a coach provides a 'rope', a lifeline to let them pull themselves out. We don't necessarily need to know how they got there in the first place........ they could go under while we explored that! The imperative is to get them out and on to firm ground again. After that we can unpack the pattern of how they got stuck in the quicksand, and change it.

There are other people - the 'hamsters'! - who are stuck but think they're okay, because "After all, I'm moving fast and travelling all the time!" But when we reframe that image, they see they're actually running round on a wheel. Thinking they're getting somewhere, it's only when they finally realise they've just passed the same pile of dirty straw for the 50th time that it dawns on them that they're literally 'stuck fast', running but going nowhere. For them too we don't have to know why or how they first got on the wheel. We need to help them stop it and get off, change the pattern, then get going on a real road ahead. Being stuck means, in some sense, not going anywhere because they believe themselves to be lost, having forgotten they have their own maps available. The NOW! coach prompts them to rediscover these, and their other innate resources, helps them learn how to set a destination in front of them, rather than just wanting to get away from what's behind them.

So if, as you and your life evolve, you realise that you have challenges, doubts, that are holding you back, some limiting old beliefs that stop you from growing, habits and behaviours you want to improve; if you want to be in control of your emotions; if you want to take back ownership of yourself and your life, NOW! coaching can help you, whereas traditional coaching avoids these issues because it just doesn't have the tools to deal with them.

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