“Women, whether subtly or vociferously have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world.”


Lead the way YOUR way!

This ‘NOW! Leading Lady’ workshop is for every woman who is ready and eager to take responsibility for developing and enhancing her own leadership qualities, in the widest sense.

Leadership - with a big or a small ‘L’! - is a skill that EVERY WOMAN IS BORN WITH! We naturally ‘take charge’ in a hundred and one ways every day - with our work colleagues, our children, our friends, without even thinking about it; because we probably have never considered it to be ‘leading’, just ‘doing what we do’!

And leadership is not only about guiding others…. how do we lead ourselves? Do we have the confidence to recognise when we SHOULD take the lead - and do it?

This ‘NOW! Leading Lady’ workshop is designed to help you identify your inborn resource of leadership talent, and develop it to an excellence that will become the difference that makes the difference to every area of your life.

With our unique NOW! NLP techniques for self-knowledge, you will discover the leading lady you were born to be, and acquire the ‘tools’ for a meaningful, purposeful, and successful life personally and professionally.

Become inspired as you:-

  • Identify where and when you lead, who you are when you lead, how you can grow to leadership excellence
  • Recognise and acknowledge - and learn to successfully use - your innate resource skills
  • Discover how to communicate well…… with anybody
  • Identify your preferred sense, personality type, and leadership style
  • Understand how you currently express it in the workplace and home - and how to make it even better
  • Learn to identify the excellence you want and model it
  • Create compelling goals and inspire others to aim for them too
  • Empower and grow those you lead
  • Take control of your life
  • Be the you you always wanted to be


Lead the way YOUR way!

For more information contact Dee at 'NOW! New Oceans Women'....now!


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