The place to explore all your senses


At last! Paul and Dee of New Oceans proudly announce a new type of restaurant! A special place, where you can experience eating, being, and living really well, with all your senses.

Vivaldi, New Oceans’ new cafe and restaurant, is set in the beautiful Chilterns, and in the beauty of NLP! Perhaps the first NLP restaurant in this countryside; this country; maybe even in this world - and absolutely an out of this world experience!

Because Vivaldi is the place where you will enjoy a wonderful meal and eating experience, during which EVERY sense is stimulated and satisfied……

the place where you will hear the best live music of every genre……………..

and the place where you will be entertained and mystified by our own resident NLP Magician, who will help you discover the magic of your own mind!

If you are one of our New Oceans family whose partner has been wondering what exactly you DO on those NLP trainings & workshops - and who you do it with! - and would like to know more, but without actually yet committing to doing a training themselves, this is the place for them to find out, while enjoying the most innovative cuisine in a wonderfully inspirational setting!

The Vivaldi Lifestyle café Portal

New Oceans Vivaldi is an online health portal created to promote a healthy standard of living in and around Hertfordshire. Initially created as a hobby by Dee Shipman, the website has grown to become a leading supplier of health products and helpful health articles. Dee’s vision with the Lifestyle café is to “…encompass healthy living while bringing services and products to encourage this lifestyle...” A healthy lifestyle can be attained by simply making use of the right (dependable) products.

The website has a lot of interesting features and is exactly what the health enthusiast would love. There are up to date health articles to kick start a healthy day, a mailing list to make sure that you do not miss any important information vital to your health, competitions, authors and much more. However the main feature that caught my attention was the online lifestyle shop. This world class online shop allows you to shop for health related material in the comfort of your own home. "Catering for the health and wellness of people is a serious task, people trust you when searching for answers that will lead them along the path to better health in body and mind of better health and a focused mind. The products on the site are guaranteed and are of the highest quality. If you have any problems write to me and I will sort them out personally” - Dee Shipman"

Venue & Dates

The New Oceans Cafe, Vivaldi is at the New Oceans Training & Transformation Centre in Hexton, Herts

The Cafe will be open lunchtime Monday-Friday and the Restaurant will be open on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday evenings from Spring 2010 through Summer.

Bed & Breakfast is available for those who have had a really good night - and don’t want it to end!!

A rainbow atmosphere

Your hosts - Paul and Dee

Your chef - Ania

The Venue - The Dower House

New Oceans Training & Tranformation CentreThe Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. B&B is available for just £35.

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