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Behind everything that happens, everything we do, there is always a story…....

Sometimes we call it a reasonL- for instance, if someone says, “I started learning French because I wanted to go and live in France”. And that sounds okay, but it’s just the surface, not the deeper meaning. And if we then asked them “So what made you want to live in France?”, we’d begin to hear the story behnd the reason - for example, it might be something like “I’ve fallen in love with a French guy!”

And then we’d start to get the real driving motivation behind it, the story behind the decision behind the action!

So what’s this got to do with what we’re doing at New Oceans? What’s the story behind our decision to take action in the world of health by creating the Vivaldo program, to turn around the whole area of how Diabetes is perceived and treated, both by the medical profession, and most importantly, by those who have it!

Well, the story behind it is about my own personal experience of Diabetes…………

I was diagnosed, some 20 years ago, as having Type 2 Diabetes. I was put straight on to medication - Glipizide, then Metformin, tablets, and told to ‘watch my diet’. I have to admit that I probably didn’t really take it seriously: I have always resented being told what to do, or what other people do! Most of all, I refused to let my body dictate my life! So I took the tablets, and just carried on as usual, writing lyrics and Musicals for the West End and Broadway, travelling round the world, being me , rather than a “Diabetic”

It eventually got to the stage where the tablets weren’t enough, and I was put on to injecting insulin……… and still I carried on! And still I thought I was in control of my life, even though I very obviously was not in control of my diabetes!

Then they changed the insulin from just a slow-acting one, to a slow-acting basal insulin plus a rapid acting insulin to be injected every time I had a meal. And that’s when I started to put on weight! I went from an English size 10/12 to an 18 in less than six months!

And now I at last realised that it was no use insisting on being me, because I no longer was me……. I had become trapped in an alien body! And when I mentioned it to my doctors, and I said it seemed to coincide with the insulin, I was told,”Oh yes, that can happen” WHAT..!!??

And that’s where I was, when the universe - as classic author Paulo Coelo would have said - conspired to help me! A man booked on to one of our trainings, and as usual, when I sent him the joining instructions, I asked if he had any special dietary requirements, to which he replied “Vegan”. Well our wonderful cook, Anna, was easily able to accommodate this, and one morning during the training weekend, I asked him what made him become a vegan. And he said,

“It wasn’t anything to do with the ethics of eating meat – it’s because I am Diabetic” And he told me his story……………

Two years earlier, weighing 22 stone, being insulin dependent Type 2, on tablets as well, with no energy, and always feeling unwell, he’d read a book called

“The Reverse Diabetes Diet” by Neal Barnard MD - and it had changed his life! It’s based on a vegan diet, low fat, low GI, (Glycaemic Index), and in two years he was down to a normal weight for his height, felt great, his doctors wre delighted with him - and he’d been taken off all injections!!

And best off all, as far as I was concerned, he’d started to notice a difference WITHIN SIX DAYS from starting the new way of living.! Paul had bought me that same book when it came out, and I’d thought, “No way…. it’ll take too long!” (I’m very much a ‘NOW’ person!) However, hearing this man’s story made me say th myself

“Well I can do six days!!” And that’s when I started changing my life, just before Christmas 2009…………

And on the 1st of January 2010, Paul joined me!

I noticed the drop in my blood glucose levels in less than a week……… and so I cut down on my insulin to match. And still the levels kept going down, and still I lowered my insulin amounts. Now I was having to carry glucose tablets around with me to prevent my blood sugars getting too low!

I felt energised: when I got the first signs of a cold and thought that, as usual it would last 5 days, it was gone in 12 hours. My skin was clearer……… and best of all, it was actually like an adventure, an exploration into the world of reading labels, discovering what actually goes into what we put into our bodies; discovering how things really taste, in a way I had never been aware of or appreciated before!

And incidentally, my Diabetes consultant is very impressed too!

So that’s when Paul and I decided that we wanted to extend the ways we already work with various health challenges by creating our New Oceans Vivaldi program - because it’s about having good health all Four Seasons of every year of our lives!

We have put together a Vegan low fat, low GI eating plan and menus, with New Oceans Inner Teams, NLP, and Metaphors, to create our unique Vivaldi Program


But that’s just the story so far………… now it’s your turn to help create the next chapters, by coming and being part of it! Help us to explore this and trial it further, help yourself, and those you care about, who have challenges like diabetes or arthritis at the moment, to become the healthy people you and they want to be!

And let’s give all our stories happy endings……..!

Dee Shipman New Oceans 2010



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