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What is Stress Management?

It's now been proven that stress lowers the immune system, causes headaches, fatigue and is the cause of most sick days taken off work in the UK. Sitting for hours at your desk, slumped over keyboard and paperwork isn't good for you, and you can tell this by how your body feels. You might develop a headache, sore eyes, an ache in your back or neck, all these are signs that you need a break. What better way than to revitalize and re-energise yourself with a 10-15 minute uplift?

At some time or another most of us feel stressed - perhaps through overwork; maybe a major life change has occurred such as moving house or bereavement; maybe money problems.

Different events affect different people at different times. Whatever the trigger, without some help all areas of our life can become affected adversely, thereby increasing our stress levels.

We can get trapped, like a mouse on a wheel, if we don't take some positive action. There are many signs and symptoms of stress and as people react differently it is useful to learn to recognise your own pattern in your life and how to deal with it.

Have a go at the Stress Profiler if you're not sure if you're under stress or not.

The strange thing is that stress takes many physical and mental forms that people don't even recognise as stress and pass off as something else like "a difficult period" and some women pass it off as "time of the month".

Your answers to the questionnaire will give you some ideas of your stress pattern.

There are as many approaches to stress relief, as there are triggers to stress. The best stress reliever is probably what most appeals to you as an individual. You will have taken the first step by doing the questionnaire and recognising your stress symptoms.

What can stress do to our bodies?

  • Lower it's immune system so you will catch any virus or bacterial thing going
  • Slows down our circulation causing cold hands, cold feet and temperature fluctuations.
  • Cause our lymphatic system to slow down and toxins to build triggering headaches and migraines, fatigue and loss of concentration.
  • Causes your blood pressure to rise or fall (high/low blood pressure)
  • Slow digestion causing indigestion and heartburn.
  • Shallow breathing which in turn aggravates asthma, and can cause some digestive problems

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