YoungWIZ Summer Timeout Workshop
How to make sense of your world and how to make it what you want it to be

For all
13-17 year olds





You are offering your teenagers the chance of their young lives by enrolling them in a New Oceans Summer Timeout.

Like all of us, they already have inside them all the potential for change…….. what they need is a way to access these resources quickly and easily.

Imagine the changes in your kids – AND THEIR FUTURE – when they are

  • Confident
  • Motivated
  • Goal-setting – and achieving
  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Problem-Solving
  • Active, in mind and body

when they have

  • Initiative
  • Relationship skills
  • Good judgement
  • Team Spirit

when they become

  • A YoungWiz at – Sport, Learning, Music, IT, Writing, Business, and more…

Who Are We, and How Do We Do It?

New Oceans YoungWiz Workshops are unique: we believe in developing young peoples' potential through enjoyment, making learning a natural and fun experience; giving them the confidence and ability to access the information they need to answer a question or handle an unexpected situation.

All the activities are based on NLP techniques and Presuppositions of positive intention, giving your kids true insight into their own ‘maps’ of the world, and the appreciation of others’ maps, and how unique everyone is: and with this knowledge they’ll also gain the skills for real rapport with other people.

The New Oceans Summer Timeout Workshop - is just that - time out to discover themselves and their life in effective, new, and fun ways, making this a comfortable, enjoyable, and stimulating experience for teenagers from all backgrounds.

Who Are The Instructors?

The Chief Instructor is our founder, top international NLP Trainer and life-, education- and business-coach , Paul Jacobs. Co-Instructor with Paul is NLP Master Practitioner and life- and performing & creative arts-coach, Dee Shipman. The Assistant Instructors are all fully certified NLP Practitioners.

Will there be any fun?

Are you kidding!!?? The idea is for EVERYONE to have fun! Our aim with this programme is to show young people that learning, and being the best they can be, is REAL fun!

"My son, Connor, has grown so much since taking the NLP Timeout Workshop. I've noticed his confidence is way up and he is showing new levels of motivation. He understands how to set goals and go for them! As a school teacher I think your NLP workshop is an extremely valuable experience and recommend it to any parent who wants more than the best for her/his child." -- Jimmy

Tell me more about YoungWiz?

The YoungWiz workshop for ages 13 to 17 will also include the five 'wigwams':-

  • Time travelling
  • ‘Reading’ faces and bodies
  • Feeling how you want when you want
  • Making friends with anyone
  • Loving change, learning fast.

Programme Investment

A comprehensive course manual, lunch and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is £60+vat(£70)

Venue & Dates

This course is held on the following dates:

AUG 16-17 at Hexton,Herts


Want to make friends easily?

Want to excel at school?

Want to excel at sports?

Want to make a difference?

Got a BIG dream you want to put into action?

Think BIG!...

Take the New Oceans YoungWiz NLP Journey...


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