All We Are Is Our Stories
by Dee Shipman & Paul Jacobs



DEE Shipman

Maybe we don’t realise just how much our VAK prefences pervade everything we say, feel, write. I had been sitting on the balcony at home intending to write a piece about the modalities – the senses through which we filter all input - for the next Diploma training. As I sat with pen and A4 pad at the ready, I was aware of all the territory around me, of everything I was hearing and seeing and feeling……and this is what emerged………….

I love the lace

The new green white

Of May

That grows discreetly

Covering the windows

Us looking out

And no-one seeing in. I love the fabric of it, hanging

New against the blue

Waving tiny hands from every branch

The laughter of its light voice

Touching and murmuring the breeze of early Summer

Making promises;

And I believe them every year -

Because lace doesn’t lie!

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