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The Minnie Stories

Cleaning Up Your Act - Part 9

Thank You, Terry Wogan!

You know something I think is very strange? It’s how we can live so many years, doing what we do, being what we are - and maybe believing we know ourselves well.

We go through the days, the years, taking for granted that in this situation, we’ll react in this way….because we usually do! All our experiences, it seems to me, sort of give us an automatic way to behave when things happen - because, as I said, that’s how we’ve always done it.

It’s like we don’t even have to think what to do - we just do it!

But sometimes - and I don’t know how you feel about this - but just sometimes, something happens in someone else’s life, and we find ourselves wondering

“How on earth would I deal with something like that if it happened to me? Would I be able to cope?” Because we’re never really sure, are we, as I said. if it’s never happened to us?

Like the time Jack started getting short of breath when he walked down to the shops to get the papers, for instance, he agreed I should cook him less chopped liver, less fried food, so he’d be carrying less weight; and for a while it seemed to be better.

But then he was getting the odd pain in his chest as well… and the doctor examines him, and all of a sudden Jack’s not just overweight, he’s got angina!

And he was great with it… he had tablets “in case”, he kept the weight down anyway, and it certainly never kept him awake worrying about himself!

On the other hand, I was a bundle of nerves, worrying! Oy, the nights I would lie awake watching him as he was sleeping, with God knows what going through my mind - I even listened to make sure I could still hear his heart beating!! How crazy was that, I ask you!

And then there were nights I’d look at him, sleeping so peacefully, and a small scared part of me would wonder what I’d do if his heart did stop? How would I react? Would I be able to cope, if I woke up one morning, and found that had happened…….? I’d never seen anyone dead in real life, if you get my meaning! Would I be terrified that he wouldn’t seem like my Jack any more, but just a dead body?

I felt embarrassed and worse, ashamed, of my thoughts and so I didn’t say anything to anyone, just kept it all inside.

Then I was listening to Terry Wogan on the wireless one morning, ( I still call it that, silly old-fashioned thing that I am!), okay, on the radio, and he has that ‘God Slot’ on, where a priest, or a rabbi, or whoever, is talking about how we don’t have to always know how to deal with things straight away……..and he says that new and unexpected things do happen, that we’ve never experienced before.

And then he says something that just hit me like a thunderbolt! He says

“After all, life is a work in progress, isn’t it?”

And I thought

“That’s fantastic! We can’t know how to react to something that’s new in our lives….so I don’t have to worry about the ‘what ifs?’. And I don’t have to decide now about what I’ll do about what life might or might not, throw at me in the future………it’s a work in progress!”

And there and then I made a decision:- I decided from now on I wouldn’t make any decisions until if and when I needed to! I wouldn’t worry about what might never happen ……because if I carried on being afraid of the future I’d be giving myself unnecessary aggravation, wouldn’t I? Anyway, as someone very famous once said (sorry, I can’t remember who it was)

“What is fear? It’s almost always





So, thank you, Terry Wogan - a work in progress….and not just life - me!

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Cleaning Up Your Act

Introduction To The Story Collection

The Minnie Kerchevsky Stories

Real wisdom can often be found in the most unlikely places....not from teachers, coaches, professors and so on, but from ordinary people who have their own life experiences to draw on to help others.

Cleaning Up Your Act is a collection of the stories of one of these very special people.........

Minnie Kerchevsky is a so-called ‘ordinary woman’, a cleaner, a 'daily', with no pretensions, no super-ego... just a desire to make things better in any way she can; helping those around her to “clean up their acts” in her own unique and heart-warming way!

Minnie believes that what stops us being happy is thinking we don’t have choices - and that feel-good is a state of mind we can always choose to be in!

So in ‘Cleaning Up Your Act’, we gradually learn about Minnie’s own life and events - and how she dealt with challenges and learned how to see raindrops as sunbeams in disguise! - interwoven through the stories she shares about the people she impacts with the homespun wisdom that is the essence of who and how she is, because of who and how she has been.

Each of us has met Minnie, or someone like her, in our lives... and if we haven’t, we’re the poorer for it - so here’s our chance to put that right!



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