Dee and Paul welcome you to New Oceans, an NLP training and coaching organisation with a different agenda.

We help to Put Purpose, Passion, & Performance back into your life... with over 20 years' experience of delivering exceptional NLP training and coaching.

Dee comes from the world of entertainment and musical composing. Paul comes from the world of computing and communication technologies.

Our business is about new methods of growing and developing people. New ways of thinking. New ways of communicating. New ways of delivering training. New ways of learning.

Our vision is to be your most valued learning partner - channelling our know-how into helping you achieve success.

New Oceans will observe the excellence within your life and work. And chart ways in which you can migrate it into other areas.

Our methods are founded on advanced development in thinking, communications, language and behaviour, and accelerated learning.

That means you benefit from the latest in our understanding of how we learn, how we think, and how outstanding people get results.

We apply these within a new framework - the Accelerated Behaviourial Learning Experience (ABLE). These are tools and techniques based on Neuro-linguistic programming we use to achieve results fast.

We apply ABLE techniques specifically to your life, work and business, so the benefits are unique to you. And empower you to carry our ideas forward - rather than to be dependent on our expertise.

You will learn about modelling excellence - profiling and transferring high performance behaviour - rapidly and cost-effectively.

You will learn about identifying success strategies - how different people achieve outstanding results in business and life.

You will learn about creating success the way you want it to be - showing people not just how to achieve excellence themselves, but how to replicate it in those around them.

New Oceans can thus bring you new insights into the issues you or your business faces, how you learn to tackle them, and how to re-engineer your processes - and people - to take on new challenges.

The result will be a life and business better able to adapt to new opportunities. One that is more responsible to changing needs. One that intuitively acts in a creative, co-ordinated, effective way.

And for business, New Oceans can enable your organisation to embark on a new way of conducting business - marshalling all its resources to perform better, faster, stronger, smarter.

It's a journey every business should make.

Company Vision

To be nationally acknowledged as the leading provider of training, coaching and learning development services to private individuals and corporate, non-commercial and government agencies in the UK.

Our Values
In pursuing our vision we follow these values in all we do.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to the highest standards of quality and performance for our clients, colleagues and stakeholders. And we always go that extra mile!

INTEGRITY: We act with honesty and professionalism to deliver on our commitments.

LEARNING: Our passion for learning is infectious. We create an environment where individuals are encouraged to learn.

TEAMWORK: We achieve success through dynamic teamwork and strong partnerships.

INNOVATION: We promote creative solutions to excite, motivate and challenge ourselves and our stakeholders.

FUN: We bring fun and enthusiasm to everything we do!