About Us

NEW OCEANS introduces Coach2GO! A new way of providing coaching.

COACH2GO is a web-based Coaching development and delivery tool enabling Just In Time Coaching ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, addressing ANY SITUATION and from ANY WEB DEVICE (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Blackberry..)

Users can get coaching 24/7! AND Coaches can provide coaching 24/7!

Based on our 19 years of experience as NLP coaches, NEW OCEANS have created a unique web-based interactive multi-media coaching development and delivery tool.

Coaches can now develop tailored coaching dialogues - 'Coaching Capsules'™ - for their clients.

Coaching is to help the individual improve their performance beyond what they appear to be able to achieve on their own, or with other training and development interventions.

E-coaching is a way of providing coaching services with remote communication – email, Instant Messenger, Skype, downloadable coaching guidance etc.

Coach2Go provides virtual interactive coaching via your PC, iPad, iPhone, Mobile/Androids, and 24/7. Virtual Interactive coaching modules – called ‘Coaching Capsules’™ - are designed by experienced coaches to provide coaching support without always needing real time access to a coach.

Coach2Go provides a library of Coaching Capsules and a development environment and tools for designing, building and delivering new Coaching Capsules. Coaching Capsules can be grouped under Coaching Topics.

Users can purchase Coaching Topics, and Coaching Capsules for a one time use or a period of time.

Why Choose Coach2GO

7 Reasons why Coach2GO is good for organisations:

Coaching users

Whether you're a student, a professional, a parent, ... Coach2GO is for you to reach your potential.


If you new to coaching or have been established for many years Coach2GO will enable to reach out to existing or new clients in ways that will help you make a even bigger difference.

What next?

Contact us or join our pilot project and explore the use of COACH2GO to make even a bigger difference.