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What percentage of your life do you actually enjoy?

Or let me put it another way…… how much of your time is spent pressurised into worrying, being fearful, feeling you’re just ‘not up to it’ – whatever ‘it’ is?

How many times a day do you feel stuck? Or pulled in opposite directions and consequently not going or getting anywhere, because one part of your fears, one part of you wants, another part of you also wants but something different! How often do those little voices inside your head make you feel scared, guilty, pressured? Until not only does your head feel at bursting point, so does your body….. indigestion, headaches, backache, sleeplessness and overtiredness; maybe building up to blood pressure increase, panic attacks – even heart attacks.

Different events affect different people at different times. Whatever the trigger, without some help all areas of our life can become affected adversely, thereby increasing our stress levels.

We can get trapped, like a mouse on a wheel, if we don't take some positive action.

Thankfully, there are many techniques to help you relieve stress. This COACH2GO ‘CalmIT!’ App provides a range of stress relief techniques based on Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) that can help you regain your emotional freedom through changing your mind..

Are You Stressed?

Stress is the price your body pays when life is not the way you’d like it to be.

  • Do you ever feel “unable to cope”?
  • Do you get irritated when someone is (a) slow to respond to you (b) keeps you hanging on the ‘phone’ (c) walks too slowly for you?
  • Do you help people out when you’d rather not?
  • Do you chastise yourself for falling short of your own high standards?
  • Would you prefer not to ask for help?
  • When driving a car, do you get annoyed when (a) a driver in front of you goes too slowly (b) a driver behind you “tailgates” you (c) drivers overtake you?
  • Do you ever worry about not being able to sleep?
  • Are you unable to relax when there’s nothing specific to do? Do you feel guilty or bored at doing nothing?
  • Do faults and blemishes irritate you?
  • Do you react strongly to being interrupted?
  • Do you fret about problems because you can’t let go?
  • Do you try to avoid conflict?
  • Are you unable to leave your work behind you at “closing time”? Do you take it home with you?
  • Do you have any drug or tobacco addictions?
  • Do you “queue-hop” at the check-out counters of your supermarket, or the check-in counters at the airport?
  • Do you count your queue neighbour’s basket items at the “maximum items” check-out counter?
  • Do you not take regular exercise?
  • Do you not relax with any spare time activities or hobbies?

If you can relate to any of the above COACH2GO CALMIT! has a range of stress relief techniques that will help you regain emotional freedom.

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