How well can you manage your emotional state?

Check the Emotion-O-Meter to Find Out

Check each statement that applies to you and click score.

One of the components of emotional intelligence is the ability to notice and adjust your emotional state. See how flexible you are.
1(never) – 5 (always)
  1 2 3 4 5
When you’re talking to yourself are you aware of the message (E.g. is it positive or negative)? Can you change the message?

Whose voice is talking to you (your own/another’s)? Can you change the voice?

When you have a strong feeling, can you increase and decrease its intensity?

When you picture a future event in your mind, can you manipulate it to get different outcomes?

Can you change the colour, size and frame of a picture in your head?

Are you aware of the size and space your body takes up?

Can you shake off the negative vibrations from one meeting before moving onto the next?

After work can you relax quickly?

Are you aware of volume, tone and sound of your voice? Can you change it immediately?

Do you know how to shift moods – make yourself feel good/bad/sad/mad?


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