NLP for Health & Wellbeing
1-day Voyage of Discovery



New Oceans NLP for Health & Wellbeing 1 day workshop is for you if you:

  • are struggling to be healthy
  • are not clear about how to be healthy
  • want to prevent another build-up of pressure, demands, anger, frustration, stress, stress, STRESS!!??
  • want to put health & wellbeing at the centre of your life..

Now you can have the health and wellbeing you deserve without the pain!

Most of us have some health or wellbeing issue that we could improve on.

Perhaps, for you, it's your weight. Or you may smoke and want to stop, but don't know how. You may have an illness that won't go away. You could have an allergy, perhaps asthma or hay fever. Or just aches and pains. Perhaps you have a phobia, anxiety or fear that's limiting your life. Perhaps you have wide mood swings... maybe even have bipolar.

Or you may have an even more serious illness such as Cancer, or Diabetes that the medical professions have not been able to yet clear.

And just suppose there were breakthrough approaches to give those with Dementia memory and choices that they - and their carers - thought they had lost permanently!

What if there were breakthrough approaches that can ensure you can always live well!

Well there are..... and New Oceans has devoted over 15 years to perfecting these approaches. Our experience and expertise in health related fitness, NLP, hypnotherapy and other alternative therapies means that we can take a holistic view, a 3 dimensional view, of these situations.

On this 1-day NLP For Health Workshop we will be introducing you to the New Oceans "Health & Wellbeing Cube", our unique 3 dimensional model for living well.

So, if there is an aspect of your personal health that you would like to improve on, then join us .!

and if you have often wondered how NLP can help in Health & Wellbeing....then this 1-day workshop is for you!

On this one day workshop you will explore th following:

  • A vision setting out what you want in your health
  • A detailed personal history which establishes the root cause of the problem
  • Understanding how you do health and sickness using NLP's Pyramid Model - purpose, identity, beliefs, values, capabilities, behaviour, and environment
  • A comprehensive clearing of all the major negative emotions and any others that are stopping you from being totally well
  • Clearing out any restricting beliefs that stop you from having the health you desire
  • Concentrated focus on your health using metaphors of the body so you can gracefully understand how to get into the state of talking with your body
  • Finding out what is important to you in your health and realigning your mind and body to those values
  • Learn techniques that enable you to directly communicate with your unconscious mind so you can continue to work on yourself, even after the session.

NLP looks at the relationship between your unconscious and conscious minds and helps us to understand that when there is incongruence between the two, a host of physiological responses can occur. Put simply, we believe there is a mind/body connection.

Our experience and expertise in health related fitness, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Energetic NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Havening, Healing Code, PSYCH-K, and other alternative energy therapies means that we can take a holistic view of the client.

Whilst NLP is no substitute for medical or psychiatric intervention, we do observe that what you communicate to your unconscious mind can have a profound effect. Is there an aspect of your personal health that you would like to improve upon, like weight management, smoking cessation, allergies, or phobias? To be the person you were born to be.

Are you a health professional who is simply curious about NLP interventions? We know there is much written about the applications of NLP in healthcare because many of our NLP colleagues are psychologists, nurses, GPs, and psychiatrists, who themselves started to become curious about how the unconscious mind affects the body and conscious behaviour.

Whether your patients are stuck (as in depression) or fast moving (as in anxiety), we can coach and train you to identify how they 'do' these problems, and how to begin setting them free. Significantly, the most profound change-work is done conversationally, with the patient making all their own changes internally and with no credit for change required. That is our sign of NLP excellence.

Programme Investment

The investment for this one-day workshop is just £50

A comprehensive workshop manual, a healthy lunch and all refreshments are included.

Venue & Dates

This course is run on the following dates:
Mon 9 Nov
Mon 14 Dec

All workshops are held at New Oceans training centre Hexton, Herts

The workshop begins at 9:30 for 10:00am start and ends at 5:00pm

Bed & Breakfast is available at our Training Centre (£35)

Put health & wellbeing at the centre of your life..!


We also run NLP Introduction and Diplomas designed especially for Healthcare Professionals:

Putting Health & Wellbeing back into your life
with Paul and Dee

NEW OCEANS has over 18 years' experience of delivering exceptional NLP training and coaching enabling you to achieve success more easily and quickly.

The NLP for Health workshop is held in our training and conference centre The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. B&B is available for just £35.


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