Audition Tips
Begin with the end in mind



Day 1. The Trigger

You see the advertisement in ‘The Stage’ – auditions, singers….
You say to yourself, “I can do that!”
You feel a little tingle inside your stomach – Yes!
You make the decision to phone, before you might have second thoughts.
You take action – you phone.
You ask yourself, “What have I done?” Then, “What will I sing?”
You start going through songs in your head.

Day 2. The Choices

You’ve got the list down to three……how do you decide?
You think about which shows off your voice best.
You focus on the Panel you’ll be auditioning for……who are they? What are they looking for?……….are you singing for them? for yourself? for who else?
You begin to think of how you want to look, what you’ll wear; what are your criteria for choosing……comfort of movement? Fitting the image you think they’re looking for? Which is most flattering to you?

Day 3. The Preparation

You’ve decided – you’ll sing James Taylor’s ”You’ve Got A Friend” – because it has special meaning for you (you always picture your little girl when you sing it, so you’ll be able to imagine you’re singing it to and for her); it shows the best of your voice; not too many others are likely to have chosen it for their auditions.

Now you rehearse it, inside your head as well as outside. You have an internal image of yourself entering the audition room, firing your confidence anchor[1], then in front of the Panel, what you say to them…….maybe you ask them what they’re looking for?

Or you tell them the special meaning this song you’re going to sing has for you, and then ask them to remember a time they were with their best friend, how good they felt, how special that relationship is ( you use the present tense, to reinforce their anchors and make them map across, transfer, their remembered good feelings to you).

You hear and see yourself singing to them, and you adjust the submodalities [2] as you go.

Now you have the outcome you want…….they thank you, and tell you they’ll be contacting you to come back for a second audition! You experience the fantastic feeling of triumph and achievement……..YOU ANCHOR IT! [3]

So having your well-formed outcome, which you own i.e. it’s within your power to make it happen, not totally dependent on others; knowing the where when what and with whom, and the how; having future-paced (gone ahead in your mind and lived it) to when you’ve done it, and experienced how that felt – you look back from that point to now, and ask your inner teams [4] to come up with details again of WHAT you did to achieve it, HOW you did it………and what you can improve on now, BEFORE you actually get to it!

And you ask your unconscious to rehearse the whole audition process a hundred times a night, while you’re asleep.

Day 4. Realisation

Last night, before going to bed, you set all your audition clothes out ready, imagined how great you’ll look and feel in them. Last thing before going tosleep, you told your inner teams, your unconscious, the emotional state you want to be in when you wake up.

Audition day dawns……..and you wake up feeling, as you requested, excited, happy, empowered……..and you fire your anchor for confidence, and for the feeling of triumph and a successful audition performance.

When you get to the audition you fire your anchors again, and you know you’re going to be the best you can be; that there is no failure, only feedback; that even if you don’t get this job it’s only because you didn’t fit their definite picture of what they want.

And you absolutely know you will leave them feeling so good about you, so friendly towards you, you’ll be the first person they’ll think of another time!

Whatever happens, you’re a successful singer. So for now, begin with the end in mind………act as if, live the future first………you’ve got that recall; so start the whole process over again – for that second audition!



[1] An anchor is how we describe a stimulus response. We store all our memories as we originally filtered them through our senses, our values and beliefs; when something outside triggers us our ‘search engines’ go back to match the stimulus to a response, and the pictures sounds and emotions of the original experience come flooding back. So we can use this mechanism at any time, to choose to be in the emotional state we want.

Go back in your head to a particular experience when you felt really confident. Be inside yourself, looking through your own eyes rather than seeing yourself in the picture. See the colours, the clarity, hear the sounds, feel the temperature, the emotions – the confidence!

Adjust the volume of the sounds, the tones, the definition and brightness and colours of the pictures, the strength of the feelings, all to their optimum levels.

[2] These gradations of the senses (which are our modalities) are called submodalities.

Now associate what you’re experiencing inside with an outside trigger, like pressing your thumb and third finger together. Hold it for a few seconds, then release BEFORE the intensity of the feeling begins to abate.

At any time from now onwards, when you want to feel that confident ( or whatever emotional state it is you’re anchoring) again, fire the trigger i.e. press your thumb and third finger together at the same pressure and for the same length of time as when you set it up, and you will instantly experience the desired emotional state.

[3] You can anchor an emotional state at the time it’s happening. When you catch yourself in an empowering or useful state, use the same process as for retrospective anchoring, by connecting it to an outside action e.g. thumb and finger, pressing an earlobe etc.

[4] We generally tend to regard our unconscious as an entity, but perhaps it is more useful to think of it as an energy, an energising force for all aspects of ourselves…..organs, health issues, parts of the body, emotions, the creative you, the nurturing you, maybe the child, the critic, the organising you for example.

It’s like having ‘Team You’ always there for you! And the more you trust them, trust your unconscious; the more you keep the unconscious-to-conscious communication channels open; the more congruent you will be, and the better you perform as a performer…..and as a person!

"If you can dream it you can be it"

by Dee Shipman


Talent is an amalgam of high sensitivity;

easy vulnerability;

high sensory equipment (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting intensely);

a vivid imagination as well as a grip on reality;

the desire to communicate one's own experience and sensations,

to make one's self heard and seen.

by Uta Hagen - Actress, Teacher, Writer...Legend

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