NLP for The Arts - FREE Taster
How to make sense of your world and how to make it what you want it to be


"Stop thinking and comes to your senses" - Paul Jacobs


Do you want more colour in your life? Are you tired of losing out? What if you could always be a shining model of excellence at auditions, in performance, or theatre design, directing, or writing? Join us on one of our taster sessions to find out how.

NLP has been astounding the world in many areas - life skills, business, sport, and education for example - with amazing results, big successes, and positive changes for those using it.

Now, by applying these techniques to the Performing and Creative Arts, New Oceans can help you to improve your personal and professional communication, presentation, and rapport abilities; to always choose to be in the most appropriate and empowering emotional state; to understand your own unique creative strategies AND BE ABLE TO ACCESS THEM AT WILL, and at whatever level you want.

Your success will come from learning how to define your outcomes, how to turn from problem-based imagining to solution-based 'experiencing', visualising what it will be like having achieved your goals, 'hearing' the sounds of applause and approval, feeling the glow of achievement......and having the NLP skills to make them happen!

For everyone who wants to improve and be in control of their creative performance powers, this taster workshop provides a practical guide to using NLP to achieve excellence.

What are the professional benefits?

This session will open your eyes to the huge potential of NLP in the Performing and Creative Arts, and how it will improve your performing and creative output. You will learn and practice several techniques to become more effective when dealing with directors, producers, auditions, co-performers, galleries, agents, the public, publishers etc.

During the four hour interactive session you will gain an understanding of the basic principles of NLP, and put into practice some of the methodologies, attitudes, and techniques of NLP, so you can start experiencing the kind of results NLP can help you achieve. You will:-

  • Be introduced to how and why NLP was developed and how it can be applied to improve your creativity and performance, your professional and personal life
  • Be shown how to identify and use the optimum emotional states for learning, for personal and for creative development
  • Be introduced to the models, frameworks, and building blocks of NLP that are used most effectively in creative performance
  • Discover how to improve your communication and goal-setting skills
  • Enjoy a fun and rewarding taster session!

What are the personal benefits of attending the taster?

NLP is about increasing personal choices. So all of the new skills you gain can be immediately applied to improving your personal life as well. Learning to communicate more easily and effectively will enable you to develop more satisfying relationships, more self-confidence. You can apply the goal-setting skills to also help you to attain any personal outcome.

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NLP will help you to:

  • increase your self-confidence

  • focus on goals and channel your energy into achieving them

  • perform at your best

  • feel confident in whatever you attempt to do

  • achieve goals you previously considered impossible

  • establish rapport with colleagues and the public

  • find creative ways to solve problems

  • use your time more effectively

  • acquire the skills you admire in others

  • increase your creative and persuasive skills

  • have a positive mental attitude

  • increase your self-esteem

  • build personal relationships

  • overcome the effects of past negative experiences

  • control the way you feel

  • align your values and beliefs with what you want to achieve

  • change unwanted habits

  • enjoy activities you used to fear

  • increase your sense of purpose in life

  • get more pleasure out of life

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