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DEE Shipman and WES Mcghee
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There aren't many firsts left in life these days - everything seems to have been done by someone somewhere but here is that rare thing - a new CD of songs for change, based on the NLP Presuppositions and change patterns, which, as far as I know, has never been done before. And certainly not in this format:- "right-on" country music!

Wes Mcghee is a well-known Country musician, who has been living in the U.S.A, and working with stars like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson etc. He has written and arranged all the music for this CD, and sings on it with Janie Romer.

Dee Shipman has written all the lyrics. Dee, who is an NLP Master Practitioner, is a renowned lyricist. She has written West End and Broadway musicals, with Petula Clark and Charles Aznavour, and writes all Aznavour's English lyrics.

Having always had a love for Country music ("because it tells stories in song, which is what I specialise in" Dee says) when Paul Jacobs of New Oceans NLP training consultancy and publishing suggested she write a CD of songs for change she was excited by the challenge and the possibilities, the potential for bringing NLP in a new way to a new audience. And it works!



Paul and Dee are currently working on a companion CD on which they will present all the change techniques and patterns to go with these songs. It should be ready by the end of May.

All profits from these CDs (available from the New Oceans website and New Oceans workshops) will go to The Rainbow Journey, a non-profit making organisation dedicated to whole-person learning through NLP and Rainbow Technology.

A great CD and a great cause!

InnerTalk blob THE 14 GREAT SONGS
blob New Oceans
- from an Andre Gide quote which first prompted Paul to turn away from his own "known shores" and set up the most innovative and inspiring training organisation, to extend NLP boundaries to new horizons with Rainbow Technology.
blob TimeLine Dancin'
- stepping out to explore your past, present and future.
blob Reframe
- it's not what happens, it's the way you see it - what was once a raindrop can turn out to be a sunbeam.
blob The Map Is Not The Territory
- the presupposition rejoicing in our uniquesness

blob The Spirit
- the key attitude, the rock which is the foundation of NLP - with a "King of Rock" interpretation!
blob You Do It So Well
- modelling excellence, the heart of NLP.
blob You Have All The Colours
- We already have all the resources we need to succeed; now Rainbow Technology adds the colour to our lives.
blob You're My Anchor
- a love song - because love is the greatest anchor of all. Swishful Thinkin' - blue grass comes to one of NLP's most dramatic techniques for change!
blob Step Inside
- future pace to become your Ideal You.
blob Your Eyes
- a beautiful way of looking at looking.
blob What Would You Do
What Would You Do - no failure only feedback.
blob The Inner Team
- who we are inside and how to make friends with them and create congruence.

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