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Reduce stress
Sleep better
Stick to an exercise program
Lose weight
Get more organized
Be more responsible
Move to a new city
Learn a new skill
Time management
Begin meditating
Develop a life plan
Get a makeover
Face a medical challenge
Stop procrastinating
Take better care of yourself
Improve self-esteem
Be more patient
Start on a spiritual path
Deal with grief
Deal with loss of loved one
Break a bad habit
Enjoy life more
Reduce alcohol/nicotine
Be more mature
Be more outgoing
Take a trip

Improve grades
Choose a college
Improve study habits
Deal with peer pressure
Choose a college course
Reduce stress
Be better at taking exams

Stop overspending
Begin saving
Face a money problem
Plan for retirement
Pay off college loan
Manage your investments
Earn more money
Save for college
Get a second job
Stop gambling

Get a better job
Get a second job
Go back to school/college
Stop being a workaholic
Start your own business
Make more money
Increase sales
Deal with harassment
Find a new career/profession
Find a new job
Reduce job stress
Get a raise or promotion
Identify your purpose

Families and

Being a better parent
Improve your relationship.
Dealing with elderly parents
Planning a wedding
Get closer to your family
Feel more loved
Meeting your needs
Handling a family feud

Find Mr./Ms. Right
Socialize more
Choosing the right mate
Planning a wedding
Ending a bad relationshp
Feel more loved
Improve your relationship

Improve your relationship
Deal with a troubling issue
Work toward a specific goal
Plan your retirement

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