Rediscover the Joys of Learning and Teaching
and discover how students learn, think, do things excellently and how to replicate success

Discover how NLP can make a major difference in all aspects of teaching

Seven for the class

  1. Discover the children’s preferred learning styles and allow for them to be different.
  2. Use circle time to share their values and identity.
  3. Celebrate their sunbeams and reframe their raindrops.
  4. Allow children to share how they do things so that they can model each other.
  5. Use brain gym to calm, energise or reconnect right and left brain for improved concentration.
  6. Help the children to access an appropriate state to learn easily.
  7. Increase motivation by recognising success and putting it in the future.

Seven for the teacher

  1. Quickly develop rapport with parents through pacing and leading.
  2. Deliver information through all the senses.
  3. Use different places in the room to deliver different types of message, or for different activities.
  4. Use hand signals to accompany instructions leading to silent classroom control.
  5. Accept that there is a positive intention for every behaviour.
  6. Be in the best state to deliver the lesson.
  7. Be clear what your outcomes are for the lesson, and know when you have achieved them.

Seven for one to one

  1. Match the child’s body, voice and language to gain rapport with them.
  2. Separate the behaviour from the child.
  3. Encourage them to see things from different perspectives.
  4. Change their state by moving them into the future.
  5. Increase motivation by putting what they want into the future and experiencing it.
  6. Change an undesirable behavioural response to a more acceptable one.
  7. Uncover hidden gifts and transfer them to more challenging contexts.

Seven for yourself

  1. Put yourself into the state you want at any time.
  2. Learn to understand difficult people.
  3. Develop rapport easily with anyone.
  4. Recognise your own values to make sure you meet them.
  5. Reframe raindrops and enjoy the sunbeams.
  6. Use outcome thinking to produce a positive attitude.
  7. Change limiting beliefs to more empowering ones.

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