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Who taught your baby to walk? Who taught your baby to talk? No-one; no, not even you. Your naturally brilliant child WASN'T taught......they LEARNED.

And they learned by modelling you, by having you encourage them, as a game, playing at being you. They learned because it was fun, because they were unafraid of failing - it wasn't even in their 'options bank'..........they took action, saw or heard or felt if something worked. If it didn't they tried something else, adjusted course all the way to their outcome.

They learned because they were naturally in the best emotional state for learning, for expanding their maps of the world. Without that, no amount of information would be retained. And whatever little might have been would always, every time they recalled it for the rest of their lives, have brought back the negative and limiting emotional feelings of the state they'd been in.

As Miss Jean Brodie, that fictional but perfect exemplar of an educator knew, education should be about drawing out, not forcing in, knowledge.

And that is the New Oceans approach as well. It's not about teaching so much as about learning. About 'no failure, only feedback'. About calibrating each child's learning style and using it as a means of helping the child draw out the best of themselves. It's about not confusing behaviour with identity.

Education the New Oceans way is about showing children how to model excellence in others and map it across to themselves......and it's about helping teachers to be the best models of excellence for the children in their care.

Most of all, it's about giving children the tools for ongoing learning; making the learning experience fun; making it, literally and metaphorically, the time of their lives!


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