Making A Difference in Education

"What if you already had the resources you needed to succeed?"


New Oceans provide a new approach, a new set of techniques and tools, for primary and secondary education. Based on twelve years research and experience into NLP-based learning and teaching, New Oceans provides a unique set of services that makes an immediate difference to student learning, thinking, behaving, and feeling.

Who taught your baby to walk? Who taught your baby to talk? No-one, no not even you. Your naturally brilliant child wasn't taught - they LEARNED. And they learned by modelling you, by having you encourage them, as a game, playing at being you.

They learned because it was fun, because they were unafraid of failing - it wasn't even in their 'options bank' ..... they took action, saw or heard or felt if something worked. If it didn't they tried something else, adjusted course all the way to their outcome.

They learned because they were naturally in the best emotional state for learning, for expanding their maps of thev world. Without that no amount of information would be retained. And whatever little might have been would always, every time they recalled it for the rest of their lives, have brought back the negative emotional feelings of the state they'd been in when they were taught it.

New Oceans Education is about whole-person learning and growth, and is about helping children of the now and future world achieve their potential, by catching them in their sunbeams (attitudes, values, behaviours etc., that serve them well), celebrating them and putting these into their futures.

Also, catching them in their raindrops (limiting beliefs, inappropriate behaviour, learning difficulties, low self-esteem etc.,), giving them new choices, showering sunbeams on them and creating rainbows!

As Miss Jean Brodie, that fictional but perfect exemplar of an educator knew, education should be about drawing out, not forcing in, knowledge.

And that is the New Oceans approach as well. It's not about teaching so much as about learning. About "NO FAILURE, ONLY FEEDBACK". About calibrating each child's learning styles and strategies, and using them as a means to helping the child draw out the best of themselves. It's about not confusing behaviour with identity.

Education the New Oceans way is about showing children how to model excellence in others and map it across to themselves. It's about helping teachers to be the best models of excellence for the children in their care.

And most of all it's about making the learning experience fun, making it, literally and metaphorically, the time of their lives!

New Oceans For Special Educational Needs

Everyone is special, and everyone has needs. And if education is learning about life, isn't that what everyone is all about?

Labels help us to tell things apart, to know the differences between. But labels don't only SHOW differences - they make them too. And pigeonholes aren't even good for pigeons! They allow no room to grow.

What if we used all the resources we were born with, developed our sensory acuity, honed our rapport skills? Remembered and accepted that every map is unique and none of them is the territory? Then we could dispense with labels, and let that uniqueness that we sense in others BE the difference.

Maybe the first step is to educate ourselves to be curious to NEED everything that is SPECIAL about everyone else: not to label and package it for convenience, but to regonise it, try it on for size; and honour it for the gift it really is.

This is the New Oceans approach - and it works.




New Oceans in Education will:

  • make your teaching easier and more enjoyable
  • make learning easier and more enjoyable for your children
  • improve results
  • AND save time and money for your school through the introduction and practice of NLP techniques.

Benefits for teachers

  • reduction in stress through practicing NLP on self
  • reduction in stress through better relationships with children
  • less sick leave, reduced supply costs
  • making teaching more enjoyable increasing recruitment and retention
  • more focused teaching, not crowd control, more time to teach
  • more options with disadvantaged children, less external support costs
  • more options with disruptive children, less external support costs

Benefits for children

  • improving motivation, capturing their interest, raising results
  • encouraging effective learning
  • raising enjoyment and fun
  • coaching / counselling in all aspects of life
  • giving them tools for dealing with change, moving on to Secondary school

Improved skills for teachers

  • Classroom Management
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Learning styles
  • Behaviour Management
  • Improving Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Accelerated Learning

Improved skills for children

  • Learning how to learn
  • Dealing with change
  • Self motivation
  • The joy of learning
  • Building self-esteem
  • Building relationships
  • Modelling excellence
  • Accelerated Learning

Delivered through various trainings

  • 1 day or half day Inset training
  • 1 day or half day Open courses
  • Telephone Coaching for Teachers
  • On site Coaching for Teachers
  • 1-1 work with children
  • Train the Teacher/Trainer
  • Certified Diploma in NLP for Classroom
  • Certified Diploma in NLP for Special Educational Needs
  • Certified NLP Practitioner courses
  • Distance Learning

For more information on New Oceans services contact
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