Brain Hemisphere Profiler
"There is no failure, only feedback"


To use this Profiler, answer the 15 questions below as spontaneously as you can. When you have answered all the questions, click Score.

  1. Normally I. . .
    a. prefer logical reasoning to emotional or intuitive feeling.
    b. reach an intuitive grasp of the situation without thinking.

  2. Normally I. . .
    a. rely on my gut feelings to make decisions.
    b. like to have my facts straight before making decisions.

  3. Normally I. . .
    a. enjoy expressing ideas in words.
    b. find it difficult to find words to describe my feelings.

  4. Normally I. . .
    a. prefer maths and science to art and poetry.
    b. prefer artistic subjects to those of science and maths.

  5. Normally I. . .
    a. am very punctual and have an accurate sense of time.
    b. am a dreadful timekeeper and seldom punctual.

  6. Normally I. . .
    a. like to understand the reasons for others' behaviour .
    b. feel how others are yet I am mystified by their motivations.

  7. Normally I. . .
    a. seldom think in visual terms .
    b. have thoughts that appear in picture form.

  8. Normally I. . .
    a. take great pleasure solving difficult problems or puzzles .
    b. am terrible at solving puzzles and who cares anyway?.

  9. Normally I. . .
    a. am really good at word games and verbal play .
    b. don't enjoy word games and find them boring.

  10. Normally I. . .
    a. generally prefer non-fiction to fiction or fantasy.
    b. prefer fiction, poetry and fantasy to non-fiction.

  11. Normally I. . .
    a. don't like analysis and prefer to deal with the whole picture.
    b. am good at analysing problems and finding solutions.

  12. Normally I. . .
    a. tend to let my feelings show and let it all hang out.
    b. do not show my feelings and can control my temper.

  13. Normally I. . .
    a. prefer to rely on a rational solution rather than a hunch.
    b. rely on my instincts, intuition and definitely my hunches.

  14. Normally I. . .
    a. am organised and have my life reasonably ordered.
    b. seldom bother to order things.

  15. Normally I. . .
    a. hate to plan and prefer to do something on impulse.
    b. love to plan new projects in minute detail.

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