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"The intuition of free will gives us the truth."


How would you like to discover a powerful and potent tool that can help you learn to live YOUR highest truth and follow your ultimate Wisdom! And how would you like to connect to that deeper part of ourselves that we know as intuition.

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You are more of a spontaneous and 'go with the flow' type of individual, rather than a planner or an organizer.
You evaluate your decisions on certain situations based on your gut feelings, which often produces the right outcome even if it's not always practical or logical.
When you meet someone new, you get instant strong negative/positive vibes, which proves itself true in the long run.
You have used your intuition to successfully invest in the stock market or enter contests and win.
You know your life purpose or mission in this world
Whenever you ignore a strong intuitive or gut feeling that's trying to tell you something, you'll tend to regret it later on.
You rely on your intuition when making career-based decisions. This causes confusion among your co-workers as you always make the right decisions even with incomplete facts.
You're a creative person, and you have dreams of brilliant ideas for your art/plans/designs which you often execute to much success.
You often feel worried/excited before something bad/good happens without prior knowledge that this incident was going to happen.
You have had creative ideas for art/books/writing come to you from seemingly nowhere which you've acted on and gave you tremendous success.
You can feel when a loved one is hurting, even if you don't know yet that they are in pain.
Your friends often describe you as "creative".
You often make major decisions against the advice of "experts" or your loved ones based on what you've "sensed", which always worked out perfectly for you.
You immediately know when someone is lying to you or telling the truth.
You've had prior knowledge of a disaster, negative event, illness, or death that later came to pass.
Whenever you feel confused about a direction you need to take or you need to make a big decision in life, you meditate, knowing that the right answers will come to you quickly through this.
You feel a strong sense of connection with people you've never met or places you've never been to.
You are a highly empathetic person and often 'take on' the feelings of those around you, whether you want to or not.
You've had a premonition that saved you from danger.
When lost, you've found the right path back or direction by using your intuition.

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"You cannot discover new oceans unless
you have the courage to turn away from the shore"


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