Personality Sorting Profiler
"There is no failure, only feedback"



This profiler explores your motivation and work preferences. To use this Profiler, answer the 20 questions below as spontaneously as you can. When you have answered all 20, click Score.

  1. When I need to do something unpleasant, I usually . . .
    a. put it off until the last minute.
    b. get it done to make room for more enjoyable things.

  2. When it comes to jobs and relationships . . .
    a. do you stay until you can no longer tolerate it.
    b. keep looking for the right one to match your dreams.

  3. When I take time to relax, I like . . .
    a. doing something safe and familiar.
    b. going places and doing things that are new and interesting.

  4. People sometimes describe me as . . .
    a. someone always thinking about the possibilities.
    b. a devil's advocate.

  5. If a colleague asked your opinion on a piece of work they had done, would you be more likely to:
    a. focus on which parts you thought were good?
    b. focus on which parts needed improvement?

  6. Do you generally:
    a. find it easy to decide such matters as which car or computer to buy or where to go for an evening out?
    b. prefer to ask around to find out what others recommend?

  7. Do you:
    a. need someone else to tell you what to do?
    b. feel happiest when making your own choices?

  8. Do you:
    a. know when you have done something well?
    b. need another person to give you feedback?

  9. When you see an advertisement for a product or service do you:
    a. believe that it must be good if other people endorse it?
    b. make up your own mind about its benefits?

  10. When you are with friends, are you more likely to:
    a. take the lead in making decisions on things such as where to go for a meal?
    b. be influenced by other people's opinions or wishes?

  11. Do you
    a. read instruction manuals word-for-word?
    b. skim to get a rough idea of what to do?

  12. When giving someone else instructions, are you more likely to:
    a. give them precise information on every aspect of what they have to do?
    b. leave many finer points to them to work out?

  13. I enjoy learning
    a. concepts and ideas
    b. specific tasks or skills

  14. When telling someone about an event you attended, would you probably:
    a. tell them all about it, including everything that happened
    b. give them an overview of what happened

  15. When working on a project, do you:
    a. like to make sure it is all done correctly
    b. prefer to leave it to someone else to check that each specific element is completed

  16. When you meet new people, do you
    a. notice people who are different from you
    b. notice people with whom you have things in common

  17. When visiting someone's home, do you
    a. notice if a picture on the wall is at an angle, and want to straighten it
    b. not notice such things

  18. When shopping for clothes, do you
    a. like to try out new styles and colours
    b. tend to stick to same ones you have always worn

  19. When in a group, do you
    a. notice the similarities between you and the others
    b. notice how you differ from others

  20. When you think about your career now, do you:
    a. think about the similar jobs you have done over the years
    b. think about how things have changed over the years

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