Multiple Intelligences Profiler
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This Profiler will indicate your Multiple Intelligence preference and can help you understand how you learn. Answer the 40 questions below as spontaneously as you can. When you have answered all 40, click Score.

Use the numbers 0 - 4 to grade whether you agree with each statement. 0 - not at all, 1 - sometimes, 2 - agree, 3 - strongly, 4 - very strongly.

  0 1 2 3 4
1. I like do things in a systematic, step-by-step way

2. I can recognise and name different types of birds, trees, flowers or plants

3. I can visualise remembered or constructed scenes easily

4. I have an excellent vocabulary and enjoy using the precise word in context

5. I enjoy and value taking written notes

6. I have a good sense of balance and enjoy physical exercise and sports

7. I like or keep pets or other domestic animals

8. I know myself well and understand why I behave as I do

9. I enjoy community activities and social events

10. I learn well from talks, lectures and listening to others

11. I am skilful in working with objects

12. I find music evokes emotions and images as I listen to it and can experience changes in mood

13. I enjoy puzzles, crosswords, logical problems

14. I like to "think out loud", to talk through problems, and ask questions

15. I remember things like telephone numbers by rhythmic repetition

16. I find music evokes emotions and images as I listen to it and can experience changes in mood

17. I am sensitive to the moods and feelings of those around me

18. I enjoy being outdoors and am comfortable there

19. I learn best when I get "hands on" experience and do it for myself

20. I like to order and prioritise and tend to work off a to-do list

21. I am good at controlling my moods and emotions

22. I like to think through problems whilst doing something physical such as walking, running, or cycling

23. I find it easy to express myself in writing

24. I have a good sense of direction and have no problem reading maps and navigating

25. I have a natural ability to sort out arguments between friends

26. I can remember the words to music easily

27. I enjoy visual games such as jigsaws and computer games

28. I am good at talking people into things

29. I like privacy and quiet for working and thinking

30. I often listen to music at home and in my car

31. I like to find patterns and relationships between experiences or things

32. I work well in a team

33. I am interested in social issues, psychology and human motivation

34. I like the visual arts and have a good colour sense

35. I get restless easily

36. I enjoy working or learning independently of others

37. I enjoy playing and making music

38. I am angered by environmental neglect or obvious pollution

39. I enjoy working with numbers and enjoy mathematical problems

40. I am an independent thinker and I know my own mind

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