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So yes, you’re an NLP Practitioner. Well done! But what have you actually been DOING with your NLP qualification since you achieved it?

Have you really been making a difference with it?

Of course in some ways you HAVE been, because everywhere you go you touch peoples’ lives - and as you’ve been changed by what you’ve learned so they, indirectly, must also have been. But is that enough?

Supposing you could help people more directly - AS A PROFESSION!

Just imagine being able to honour everything that is important to you, that you believe in - that drew you to become a Practitioner in the first place.


Unlike traditional, non-NLP coaching, counselling, or some other therapies, being a New Oceans trained Coach Practitioner doesn’t demand that a client has to ‘hurt to heal’. You will start from the premise that the person in front of you has not only a problem, but also the solution! The Coach Practitioner’s job is to elicit that from them; they know unconsciously where they are and where they want to go………you just have to get them back on their road and moving forward.

This is what all the Coach Practitioners we train do brilliantly. Some of the Presuppositions of coaching which you will learn on this training are:-

  • Each client has a memory bank - an Inner Team - of potential resources…. they may just need help to access, adapt, grow, and apply them.

  • A client is always making the best choice they perceive available to them. Being stuck - needing more choices - is one of the reasons they come to you for coaching. The Coach Practitioner helps them recognise and acknowledge their present frame: they can’t RE-frame if they don’t know the existing one! Being able to change the frame is, of itself, movement, the beginning of ‘UNstuckness’!

  • Being a Coach Practitioner is about resonating at the finest levels in all the senses. Really believe your client can achieve their desired outcome and their unconscious Inner Team will pick that up.

Everyone knows that second only to the IT Industry, coaching is the fastest growing professional success story. However, until now the available coaching trainings have only scratched the surface of what can really be done to help someone move from their present state to their desired one. While those training companies are hastily trying to add some NLP to their existing programmes, as a qualified NLP Practitioner coming to New Oceans, an established NLP Training Organisation, with our Coach Practitioner training you will be far in advance of anything they can offer clients.

You have spent a great deal of time and effort acquiring your NLP Practitioner qualification and knowledge. So how can you use your NLP skills to make a living and help others at the same time? The ideal way is by becoming a professional coach. All you need is training in how to convert your existing NLP skills into Coach Practitioner skills. Which is what this course is all about.

We will teach you all the techniques you need to become the VERY BEST COACH you can be - and also, HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF in this exciting growth area!

You will be getting personal training by, practical exercises with, and high quality feedback from, the most experienced NLP Coaching Trainers, Paul Jacobs and Dee Shipman, and participating in the finest NLP Coaching training available.

It will be fun, challenging, and a wonderful opportunity for your own personal growth, and for you to qualify to help others achieve theirs.

This training will provide you with all of the ‘tools’ you need to begin a successful career as a High Performance Coach Practitioner, and market your services. As a graduate New Oceans Coach Practitioner you will be listed on the INLPTA websites as a High Performance Coach Practitioner, giving you an international profile.

This training is a unique opportunity to learn the finest and most advanced coaching skills available today, and is open to people who hold an NLP Practitioner Certification, or are in the process of doing a Practitioner training and have completed the NLP Diploma training. If you have not completed your Practitioner by the end of the Coach Practitioner training you will be fully certified when you complete your Practitioner training.


  • Life Skills Coaching:- focusing on personal growth and transformation, social and relationship skills, self-esteem issues, assertiveness, communication challenges etc.

  • Performance Coaching:- optimising and enhancing performance on every level and in every area of life from career to passions, how to acquire and maintain new skills, maximise potential, and so on.

  • Health Coaching:- stress management, weight loss, smoking, phobias etc.

  • Executive Coaching:- covering all aspects of business skills in depth.It is an outcome-led process in which the Coach Practitioner guides the Executive, Manager etc, through business problems to desired results, to clarify issues, challenge limiting beliefs, evaluate options, and decide on a course of action, by using the client’s own unique resources to create outstanding performance, and bring about lasting behavioural change.

  • Family/Parent Coaching:- working with parents and children to reconnect them with each other, help them with interrelationship communication skills, behavioural and schoolwork challenges. (And just notice how your own family dynamics improve when you use your Coach Practitioner training at home!)

  • Sports Performance Coaching- coaching originally came from the sports world. Now, as a New Oceans Coach Practitioner, if that is YOUR area of expertise and/or special interest, you can take back into it the cutting edge techniques you will learn on this training.

And all of these you will be trained to do as both in-person and telephone one-to-one coaching.

The New Oceans Coach Practitioner Training brings together the very best from NLP and many fields of personal development, psychology, achievement, creativity, and is based on modelling the most successful people in a variety of fields. It is NOT based on what people THINK they do, but on their unconscious strategies that actually make the difference.

True to what lies at the heart of NLP, it is built not so much on WHAT they do, but , of fundamental importance, on HOW they do it!

This four day New Oceans High Performance Coach Practitioner training is designed to add to, grow, and integrate your existing NLP Practitioner skills and knowledge. It is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), and is the most professional and experienced NLP Coaching training available anywhere in the world.

So now…….. imagine you’ve trained with us,qualified as a Coach Practitioner, and have been coaching for six months. What are the three biggest differences this has made in your life? And what have been the three most gratifying differences you’ve helped other people make in THEIR lives? Look back to when you first read about the New Oceans Coach Practitioner Training - what was it that made you decide “Yes! That’s for me!”, and book your place?

Now go ahead and do it!


Here is just a taste of what you can expect on this 4 day course:

  • Understanding the relationships between coaching, mentoring and therapy
  • How to use the NLP Five Pillars and NLP presuppositions in coaching
  • How to create agreements and contracts for success coaching
  • Reviewing other coaching models for individual and business cycles
  • Recognising your own communication style and behaviours and be able to adapt this to connect with others
  • Innovation and creativity tools to empower individuals to move forward
  • How to ask powerful questions with the right amount of skill applied
  • How to structure your own coaching programmes
  • Giving and receiving feedback to develop and encourage positive behaviours in your clients
  • Writing goals and breaking down into milestones for timed results
  • Marketing and Selling yourself as a coach – how to get clients.
  • Completing and delivering a 30 minute coaching session

INLPTA Coach Practitioner Standards


The training is structured around classroom tuition which will incorporate small group exercises. You will be encouraged to practice your new skills during the 4 days, and will complete the training by delivering a 30 minute coaching session.

I Haven’t Taken My NLP Practitioner Training Yet – If I Book Together Do I Get A Discount?

Absolutely, we recognise the importance of value so for anyone interested in booking more than one course we have a variety of packages available which offer significantly discounted rates.

I Didn’t Do My NLP Training With New Oceans – Can I Still Take This Course?

If you have trained with an alternate provider you are still welcome to attend our courses. As long as we recognise the NLP school and have proof of certification for our files then we will be happy to enrol you onto the NLP Coach Practitioner Certification.


The NLP Coach Diploma/Coach Practitioner Part 1:

JUL 2-3

The NLP Coach Practitioner Part 2:

JUL 30-31

All our NLP Coach training is held at our Training Centre Hexton, Herts

Bed & Breakfast is available at our Training Centre (£35)


A comprehensive course manual, lunch and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

The 2-day NLP Coach Introduction/Diploma investment is:

Self Financing £200
Corporate Sponsored £350 + VAT

The 4-day NLP Coach Practitioner investment is:

Self Financing £399
Corporate Sponsored £650 + VAT

To obtain NLP Coach Practitioner qualification you must also be a qualified NLP Practitioner. To obtain a NLP Coach Master Practitioner you must have a NLP Master Practitioner and a NLP Coach Practitioner qualification. The NLP Coach Practitioner is the first 4-days of our 18-day NLP Coach Master Practitioner as shown below:


Be a coach - help someone else to fly!

Paul and Dee in action
Paul Jacobs is a certified INLPTA Master Coach and MASTER Coach Trainer. Dee Shipman is a Master Coach and Trainer.

We will teach you all the techniques you need to become the VERY BEST COACH you can be - and also, HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF in this exciting growth area!

The NLP Coach Practitioner is held in our training and conference centre The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. B&B is available for just £35.

New Oceans NLP Coach Practitioner is the first part of New Oceans NLP Coach MASTER Practitioner Training

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