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"I do not know whether I was then a woman dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a woman" - Dee Shipman


Do you believe you are valued for what you are as well as what you do?

As a woman, do you feel you are getting the same opportunities and freedom in work as your male colleagues or even your partner or husband?

As a woman, are you being seen in the same light as men?

As a woman, is your voice being heard clearly?

Are you living an inspired and inspiring life?


Would you like to be in at the beginning of a new forum group of women who want more out of life? NOW! is a bringing together of women who have either already experienced NLP or are intrigued to discover its potential and their own!

We are all unique - and women doubly so! Self-help and empowerment are great life enhancers: like-minded group-help and empowerment are even better!

NOW! will give you the strength of knowing that you have with you a group of women who have or have had the same challenges in life as you, and together you can share wisdom and experience to make your world bigger, brighter, more harmonious.

New Oceans - using NLP and associated life techniques - trains and coaches people to realise their full potential, to reach out and help others do the same. NOW! we are specifically focussing on the world OF women, FOR women - their challenges, their dreams.

Politics and Feminism are NOT what we're about: helping women to have more choices and to be the best they can be IS!

So whether or not you have any NLP experience. if you want to make and be a difference - to your family, at work, to your friends, to YOURSELF - you can be part of a group of mutually supportive women, with the wonderfully empowering 'toolkit' of NLP, to help you achieve this here and NOW!

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Women Mean Business

You already know something....

...that you don't know that you know. As soon as you find out what it is you know but don't yet know that you know... You will be the woman that you know you want to be. Don't you know!


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