Multiple Perspectives



 Excellence comes from having many choices.
Wisdom comes from multiple perspectives.

When you take multiple perspectives on a situation, even without adding resources, you will make it a different experience.

Try this - think of an unpleasant experience you've had with someone else, maybe an argument or when someone said something that hurt your feelings. Remember it as if it were happening right now...

Now float up and look down on the situation, seeing both yourself and the other person. Watch the other person and notice their posture, their voice tone, the way they move and gesture and consider anything you know about their experience, both recently and historically...

Now float down into them, adopting their physiology as completely as possible. Re-experience the event fully looking from their eyes back at you...

When you've re-experienced the event fully from their point of view, float out to the side and watch it over again seeing yourself... and the other person. Now step back into yourself as if it was happening all over again. Notice how the experience is different.

Having more information from multiple perspectives will create a change in your own point of view. It's a very powerful set of moves. Having multiple perspectives is the basis for wisdom in decisions, conflicts, negotiations and in cleaning up your own personal history.

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