Inner Team Work
NLP for Health & Healing
with Paul Jacobs & Dee Shipman



“Pull yourself together!” “Have a word with yourself!”

How many times have we heard, or even said, those words? Well now there’s a way to give them some real meaning!

Our Inner Teams are all the aspects – personality traits, values, beliefs, our physical parts etc – that make us who we are. Collectively they’re referred to as our unconscious. Our Inner Team members are as many and as varied as our moods……and if they are not functioning smoothly and co-operatively, they DO need help to “pull themselves – US – together!”……. and to BE pulling together!

And the way for you to make them congruent is to open up clear communication channels with the various Inner team members who comprise you.

Which is another way of saying - yes, that’s right! - “having a word with yourself!”

So are you and your Inner Teams ready for your 2005 journey of discovery, alignment, and achievement? Do you know who your Inner Team members are? Are they all working efficiently for you, or are some of them overdue for retirement? Or maybe even promotion!

This is the time of year when people make resolutions….WE prefer to set well-formed outcomes. And now we can share with you how to really do that well….. and achieve them….. by being congruent with your Inner Teams – and making them congruent with each other!

If you want a job done well, you call in the experts; and no-one knows you better than your Inner Teams! They are the experts who’s specialty is YOU!

Paul and Dee will help you to “get yourself together!”; show you how to re-empower yourself; how to find out who your Inner Team members are; which parts of you they are each responsible for; and most importantly, how to re-open communication channels with your ‘in-house’ experts……. Your Inner Teams!

Paul Jacobs is passionate about helping individuals and organisations reach their potential. He is an NLP Trainer, Master Coach, and founder of New Oceans NLP Training & Coaching Organisation.

Dee Shipman is an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, a well-known lyricist and writer of West End Musicals, and NLP/Inner Teamwork books.

Paul and Dee are the co-creators of Vivaldi, a transformational programme for health and wellbeing.

Programme Investment

This course is a two day course. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is 2-day £150 for self-financed (lunch included).

Remember bring a friend and you can claim a 20% discount.

Venue & Dates

This course is run on the following dates:

OCT 29-30 Hitchin, Herts



  1. An increased awareness and appreciation of yourself
  2. A tendency to set aside a time each day to relax or mediate
  3. A persistent ability to maintain close relationships
  4. A tendency to adapt to changing conditions
  5. A chronic appetite for physical activity
  6. Acute and chronic attacks of laughter
  7. A compulsion to take pleasure and fun
  8. Repeated bouts of hope and optimism
  9. A chronic condition of caring for your body
  10. Recurrent rejection of worry

Warning! Six or more of these symptoms and you may be at risk of excellent health.

From NLP, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING by Joseph O'Connor & Ian McDermot

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