"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity."


What is time? How do we experience time? How do we deal with it?

When you listen to how we describe time, it seems that we experience it as a line running from past to future. We talk about ‘a long time’, ‘a short time’, ‘time stretching into the future’.... We have the ‘distant’ past and the ‘immediate’ future. Subjectively, we experience time as distance.

Some people have a poor sense of past and future and poor sense of time. So how can we change our sense of time? Is it possible to learn new ways of experiencing time, so that our brain will change permanently and correct problems like poor planning, procrastination, and chronic tardiness?

The answer is we can make such changes. And often with surprising ease.

Close your eyes. Think of something you do regularly. Think about when you did it last week. Think about doing the activity a couple of weeks ago, a couple of months ago. Now think about something you are looking forward to next week. Next month. Now raise your left and right arms and let one arm point to your past and one arm point to your future. Then open your eyes, notice where your hands are pointing.

If you have a pretty well-organised sense of time and right-handed, you probably pointed up and to the front-right for your future, and down and to the rear-left for your past. One place or another, there is a time-line which we all have, and which our brain organises internally. For some people, their future is in front and their past is behind them, for others it resemble a circle or box or spiral instead of a line.

Re-aligning Your Time-lines

Some people feel comfortable with the future in the up-right and the past in the down left. Others prefer the past and future as a straight line going through them; if you do this, it’s best that the line go from past-down-left to future-up-right, so that you can always see all parts of it. If you move any part of it behind you, you’ll lose some of your easy access to it. Some people prefer their past be entirely behind them, and their future totally in front of them.

To change your timeline. Close your eyes and visualise your timeline again. Then reach out with your real hands as you “see” imaginary hands in your mind’s eye. Grab your past and future timeline, and move them to where you would like them

Putting Some Events Behind You

Some events and experiences of the past we don’t want to have easily available. Embarrassing moments, painful memories, events we’ve already learned from and prefer not to be haunted by. Mentally take these experiences throw them over your shoulder, into the dark behind –you past. If you ever needed them again, you can always go back there with a torch and find them.

Creating Your Future

You may want to float out over your future time-line and pour into future “you’s” goals and outcomes you are striving for. Place them when you want to achieve them. Now pour into between now and outcomes achieved, energies, resources and abilities which will help you easily achieve your future outcomes.

Paul on Channel Five 11:30 News with Kate Gerbeau

Time TO Live Tips

Metaphors For Time

The way we interpret time through our metaphors can dictate how we operate in our environment.

I haven't got time for that

time is a possession - something you have or haven't got

I can't make the time to do that

time can be manufactured

There's never enough time

time is a commodity which is always in short supply

Time is against us

time has physical form and energy

Time is on our side

time can choose to take sides

We have all the time in the world

time is contained by the world and we can own it

Time waits for no-one

time is inconsiderate

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