YoungWIZ Workshop
The Study Skills Workshop - Powered by NLP

For all
11-17 year olds






A 2-day course that will help students discover they have a great learner inside themselves!

They will triple their reading and comprehension speed,
........ amplify their learning ability,
................... and rediscover the joy of learning!


  • Struggling with studying, even when studying hard and constantly revising it still doesn’t seem to go in
  • Wanting to get more from their learning but not knowing how
  • Having difficulty keeping their focus and motivation
  • Panicking at the thought of exams
  • Lacking confidence, and low self-esteem
  • Fearful and anxious about many things
  • Struggling with expressing themselves in talking and writing
  • Unable to make friends
  • Having poor time - keeping
  • Get bored easily
  • Being bullied or even bullying others!


  • Feel unhappy at home, unhappy at school?
  • Ever think “I don’t look right”?
  • Feel that they don’t fit in anywhere?
  • Not get on with their brothers or sisters?
  • Not want to lose their temper but can’t seem to help themselves?
  • Find that people can easily persuade them to do things they don’t want to do?
  • Not know what they want, only what they don’t want?
  • Believe that they can say things in their heads, but not out loud when it matters?
  • Say or feel “I’m not difficult - it’s just that nobody understands me!”?


  • Triple (or more) their reading speed, retention and comprehension?
  • Memorise huge amounts of information quickly and easily?.
  • Develop and grow their confidence and self-belief?
  • Communicate really effectively?
  • Learn how to bounce back and be more resilient?
  • Manage their emotions and create more positive mindsets?
  • Become a Wizard at learning!?

On this YoungWIZ Workshop we will deal with all of these, and they will learn study techniques that will take their learning to new heights.

At New Oceans we are totally committed to developing the next generation... Because they are the future! Over the years we have created a range of exciting interactive trainings and workshops, which bring cutting - edge principles of Personal Development to young people from the age of 6 upwards, to help them get ahead - and stay ahead!

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is about how the mind actually works, and provides the most up-to-date model of how we learn, communicate, change, and excel - how we REALLY do what we do!

On this workshop they will explore a number of breakthrough learning skills and thinking strategies:

YoungWIZ Learner - Intensive brain training…. & fun!

  • Putting your students one step - or even MILES, ahead!
  • Clearing mental 'blocks', so they understand concepts, think creatively & enjoy learning
  • Understanding their learning states, styles, and strategies
  • Using MindMapping to revise, pass tests & exams with flying colours!

YoungWIZ Reader - Way beyond speedreading!

  • Learning to absorb complete books in minutes
  • Trebling, or more, their normal reading speed
  • Playing with a Web-based WizReader program

YoungWIZ Memory - Unlocking the potential of the brain!

  • Learning the secrets of the World Memory Champions
  • Remembering dates, phone numbers, facts, names, give speeches without notes
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Improving exam results & increase confidence
  • Enhancing concentration & mental agility

YoungWIZ Goal Setter - The fastest way to get results and achieve success

  • Creating compelling goals
  • Using the latest in conscious/unconscious goal - setting and goal - getting
  • Learning to manage and organise their tasks, their time…. and themselves!

YoungWIZ Creative Writer - Unlocking creativity through writing! They will learn to

  • Enjoying their own creative spirit
  • Getting rid of myths and limiting beliefs that used to stop their creativity
  • Releasing the vast resources of their creative imaginations
  • Raising the level of their inventiveness and have fun creating
  • Communicating their ideas in writing more effectively and with speed
  • Using Freewriting, MindMapping, metaphors and trance to realise their potential.

YoungWIZ Cool-Dude! - Feeling how you want when you want They will have the choice and ability to

  • Never be stressed or angry again!
  • Have the choice - AND THE SKILLS - to always be in the best emotional state, instantly
  • Playing with Mobile Apps - 'Cool-IT', 'Calm-IT'

YoungWIZ Exam Taker - How to revise and pass those exams

  • Putting themselves in the right state for tests and exams
  • Using MindMapping to revise, pass tests & exams with flying colours!

YoungWIZ Modeller - Copying models of excellence

  • Finding out how someone really does something well – What (behaviour), How (their internal thinking strategies), and the Why (Beliefs and attitudes), – and how to then do it themselves!

Who Are We, and How Do We Do It?

New Oceans YoungWiz Workshops are unique: we believe in developing young peoples' potential through enjoyment, making learning a natural and fun experience; giving them the confidence and ability to access the information they need to answer a question or handle an unexpected situation.

Our aim with this programme is to show young people that learning, and being the best they can be, is REAL fun

All the activities are based on NLP Modelling Excellence and Accelerated Learning techniques , giving students true insight into their own ‘maps’ of the world, and the appreciation of others’ maps, and how unique everyone is: and with this knowledge they’ll also gain the skills of real rapport with other people.

Like all of us, our children already have inside them all the potential for change…. what they need is a way to access these resources quickly and easily.

The YoungWiz workshops provide time out for students to discover themselves and their life in effective, new, and fun ways, making this a comfortable, enjoyable, and stimulating experience for students from all backgrounds.

Who Are The Instructors?

The YoungWIZ workshop is run by Paul Jacobs, founder of New Oceans NLP training, coaching and consultancy. Paul is a certified INLPTA Trainer and Master Coach Trainer, with Dee Shipman, NLP Trainer Master Coach, and master Coach Trainer, and well known writer and musical lyricist..

This Course is suitable for

Students of 11-17 years old.

Programme Investment

A comprehensive workshop manual, access to New Oceans Online YoungWIZ Personality Profiler, and access to New Oceans WizReader and WizTrance Reader software.

Lunch and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

This course investment is £60 for children, £40 for parents

Venue & Dates

This course is held on the following dates:

APR 3-4

at New Oceans Training Centre, Hexton,Herts

We start at 9:30am and finish at 5:00pm each day


Want to make friends easily?

Want to excel at school?

Want to excel at sports?

Want to make a difference?

Got a BIG dream you want to put into action?

Think BIG!...

Take the New Oceans YoungWiz NLP Journey...

Paul and Dee your trainers in action

The NLP Diploma is held in our training and conference centre The Dower House - a large country home, part of the Hexton Manor properties, deep in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. B&B is available for just £35.


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