The cause of all negative emotionsis a disruption in the body's energy system

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The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system

Every negative emotion or complex of emotions (phobia, depression, traumatic memory, guilt, etc.) is generated by a disruption of a person's energy.

So, we have negative emotions that are caused by an energy disruption in our body, which in turn is triggered by external stimuli (facts and situations that we seem, hear, etc.) or by internal stimuli (facts and states that we bring back from our memory or create in our imagination).

We don't try to explain here how the disruption has been caused in the first place and we really don't care about it, when trying to dissolve it with EFT!

This principle leads to the thought that a negative emotion is never "stored" in a person's psycho-somatic system and that it is generated upon appropriate triggering, which fires an energy disruption.

It should be noted that EFT does not suppresses emotions! If something stops bothering the person after treating it with EFT, it's because it got energetically diffused and not because we "covered" it with something else or because we forced the logical reframing of it.

We should also stress that the energy disruption is an original concept and is not identical to any terms denoting psychological, emotional or mental disturbances or disorders. It is true that may of the latest can be explained in terms of energy disruptions, but they are not the same thing...

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