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All We Are Is Our Stories

by DEE Shipman

Paul and I believe in constantly expanding our horizons, exploring new oceans, which is what life is surely all about; and we recognise that even as we move forward, our history always comes with us. Every significant experience becomes a resource, a new pearl of wisdom on our individual ‘necklace’, a jewel which truly becomes us….!

For we ARE our experiences, which we have filtered through our senses, beliefs, and values, and stored as memories……and so our memories are the stories of our lives.

All the people – all the stories – we have met through our trainings, workshops, coachings, made us realise that had to be what this new book is about………..

All we are is our stories. Our words are how we express them, how we tell our lives:- to be connected, to stop ourselves being alone, being islands.

Our words are streams in which we pour out our stories to become the oceans that touch other islands.

Our stories are our experiences: but our words are not..... they are just signposts, indicators, pointers, codes, anchors, to help us express who we are, what we have been and done and hope to be and do; to share our lives.

My life is true for me; but 'true', for me, is not necessarily the same as 'true' for someone else. So what is 'true' but a drop in the stream?

Only when the different drops become the stream, become the ocean... in other words (!) ....only when we share the experience, can we share the meaning.

And what is 'experience'? To some it is the going through, the being part of, a particular time or event or process. To others it is the wisdom or joy or pain or learning gained from those.

So what are words?... representations of our lives, drops in the streams.... streams of consciousness, of unconsciousness, of time and sentience and spirit, which flow together to become new oceans of meaning and being......our


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