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Dee Shipman

Welcome to the world of Storytelling, The Dee Shipman way!


Good question….! And I suppose the answer depends on whether one believes that we are what we do, or that we do what we are.

From the age of four I was a writer - that is, I started writing my first stories, which I called ‘my memories’, when I was four. In fact I remember being surprised, when I learned the alphabet, to be told it was in order to be able to read………I thought it was just about being able to write!

At ten, I wrote my first Musical….in the last year of my Primary school, I wrote new lyrics to Bizet’s Carmen, well actually to the film version, Carmen Jones; I set it in a school, to perform at the end of term. I can remember only two things from it - the first lines which I wrote to the Toreador’s Song,

“Stand up and run each time you hear the bell

Stand up and run

Run like hell………!”

and the fact that my mother lent me her wedding dress to wear as Carmen!

So writing is what I have always done; and performing came pretty close on its heels. Both my parents had wonderful singing voices, and I too loved singing: and surprisingly (or maybe not) I was a very internal and introverted child, living inside my head, not needing feedback from others - what was described then as being painfully shy.

Yet I never hesitated when it came to getting up and singing! Or even telling jokes……..another gift from both my parents was not just a great sense of humour, but also, from my Dad, the ability to tell jokes, and stories as well. Add to that the natural result of my Auditory preference, being able to do accents, dialects, and vocal impressions………. and I was a performer.

So……that’s what I did, and still do. But is it who I am?

I have been an actress, on stage, on TV, and in films. I have recorded and released albums and CDs as a singer. As a lyricist I have written , had published and had recorded, by stars like Celine Dion, more than a thousand songs, and have written them with some of the legends of the music business, as I continue to do - Charles Aznavour and Petula Clark being my two most rewarding collaboration partners, for individual songs and for West End Musicals.

As an author I have written and had published 6 books - collected stories, coaching tips, and an NLP Primer which I also illustrated.

But what about my passion? What is it that drives me to do all these things? What do they all have in common? The answer is really, in the end, simply that I am driven by curiosity about people, about the human condition….it informs my performances in their characterisations; it impels me to discover and disclose in my writing; and it inspires me to inspire and grow people in my coaching.

My partner Paul Jacobs and I run a Training Organisation called New Oceans: we are both Master Coaches, and train others to be so. My passion, what motivates and drives me, is the same in this field as in all the others……to help people to be the best they can be, to learn their uniquenesses as well as what we all share, and help them to discover these for themselves.

We have a profound belief that each of us already has all the resources to achieve our goals - what we need sometimes is help to recognise and realise them, to access and apply them.

Whether it be in life or business, in health matters or parenting, or performing, or relationships, or being the writers they aspire to be……this is what brings together everything I’ve done into everything I now do.

So….who is Dee Shipman? All of them! I am a whole inner team of the different roles I play in life…… we all are, in our own ways. And who knows what else in me still waits for my writer's mind to discover in the years ahead?!



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