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If you want..

  • A new sense of passion, energy and enthusiasm
  • A more balanced and fulfilling life
  • Enhanced and satisfying relationships
  • Less procrastination and fewer stops
  • More clarity, focus and direction
  • Faster and bigger results
  • Increase earnings and productivity
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…then New Oceans 'Stories For Growth' with Paul and Dee is for you

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Have you been successful at some things, but can't seem to create what matters most in life and/or work?

  • Are you stuck, stalled, or drifting?
  • Would you like to take yourself to the next level, but can't see where to go or how to get there?
  • Are you in transition, uncertain about purpose, lacking clarity and commitment?
  • Not sure how to apply the potential you know you have?
  • Have you tried multiple self-help or build your biz techniques but cannot create or sustain lasting results?
  • Have you at last decided you deserve more?

Would you like to:

  • Get unstuck and move toward what matters most to you?
  • Create results that matter-in spite of problems and adversity?
  • Do more with less? Feel energized, up, vital and full of zest?
  • Start projects and make transitions with ease and success?
  • Enjoy work you love, relationships that last, and feel committed to something meaningful in life, community or world?
  • Know you have a personal success stories to help you create and sustain results you truly want to create in life, work, and business?

New Oceans 'Stories For Growth' can help you create the success you long for -- in spite of change, adversity, and uncertainty.

Whether you are an individual wanting a healthy mind and body, relief from the stress of modern life, wanting to reach your potential and achieve personal success, NEW OCEANS 'NLP Stories For Growth' team can help you.

Take a look around the site, or contact us to find out how NEW OCEANS 'NLP Stories For Growth' can help you achieve personal or professional success.


This month's featured stories

From ‘CAN DO’ to ‘CAN DID’……..!

In today’s economic climate, we all have to do more with less, and so we’re told that there’s a real and imperative need for a ‘can do’ attitude. Yet one of the most powerful secrets of business success is not just a ‘can do’ attitude, but an ability to ‘live’ your goals backwards. – in other words, to have a ‘can did!’ attitude instead…… and the ability to action it!

So here’s the secret of how to do this:-

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When I was a child, there were two constants in my life….I loved learning; and I hated school. The two were apparently incompatible – with a couple of notable exceptions.

In my Primary school it was George Breeze, the music teacher. The first time I had a lesson with him I sat reluctantly at the piano, waiting for instructions, Instruction! But he simply asked me what I wanted from music, and what it would be like when I got it. Sharing that with Mr Breeze crystallised it in my own head, and also made me feel comfortable… rapport with myself as well as with him.

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