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Stories About Weight Management

Ask yourself now:

  • Do you eat when you're not hungry?
  • Do you feel that you always have to clear your plate?
  • Or do you count every calorie, and starve yourself, and become miserable and unhappy as a result?

It doesn't have to be that way.

What if there was a natural way to be slim, slender, fit and healthy with no more weighing, calorie counting, and YoYo dieting!

Welcome to the IdealYou method, a totally unique way of successfully achieving weight loss through NLP and EFT. Gain control over your weight, lose that excess body fat, and increase your feeling of well-being, with no drugs, powders or potions, that's right, a totally natural effective method for weight loss.

We combine the most technically advanced and up-to date techniques in the world. Our unique weight loss programme includes elements of hypnotherapy, NLP, nutrition, activity and physiology? and so addresses every conceivable aspect of weight control ? providing you with all the tools and support that you need to lose weight? and then keep it off!

Our structured weight loss programme determines what you really desire for yourself and guides you through the many pitfalls and stumbling blocks that can lie between you and that future filled with confidence and success. We have thousands of testimonials from clients just like you, affirming the long-lasting, life-changing transformations, that they have experienced using the powerful IdealYou method.

You need to understand that the IdealYou method is not a diet. We will however help you to achieve weight loss and get the body shape that you desire, and then show you the ways to successfully maintain those changes for life!

The truth about diets

There are three important truths you need to know about dieting:

Diet truth No. 1: Diets can actually increase your weight. Most diets can help you to lose weight in the short term, but they don't teach you the most effective ways of dealing with your cravings, or your feelings of hunger or fullness. Research shows that as soon as people lose their motivation and give up the diet they regain all that lost weight, and often more! You may already have experienced this yourself.

Diet truth No. 2: 95% of all diets are unsuccessful! Your body responds to a low calorie diet by assuming that it is experiencing a famine, so it seeks to protect you by slowing down your metabolism in order to conserve and store more fat. When you finally quit these unnatural and unrealistic eating plans your metabolism remains slow, and so you increase weight at an even faster rate than before - even though you may be eating less!

Diet truth No. 3: It is no fun to feel as though you are depriving yourself of the types of foods that you enjoy! Your life was not meant to be spent counting calories, or weighing out mini-portions of unappetising foods.

Your amazing mind

Your mind naturally creates associations with certain moods and circumstances that can trigger eating even when you're not hungry. For example, anger, boredom, loneliness, and times of celebration and commiseration are all common emotions and occasions that are associated with eating. Hypnosis can help you to address these associations and change the "bad habits" your mind has learned over time. Clearly every situation is different, but here are some core foundations at the heart of every IdealYou Programme:

  • How to change your attitude to food
  • How to supercharge your metabolism
  • How to feel full of energy every single day
  • How to identify conscious and unconscious eating
  • How to boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • How to eliminate guilt and work with your appetite
  • How to achieve and maintain the weight that you want to be

The IdealYou weight loss programme shows you the way to break these associations through NLP, EFT and other techniques, addresses your motivation and self confidence and provides ways to increase your level of activity to successfully achieve the weight loss you desire.


Cleaning Up You Act - Part 7

Fat Chance! - My Lady In Chelsea.

One Wednesday morning last June, a bright shiny day for a change, I opened the front door of the house in Beaufort Street, in Chelsea, for my weekly cleaning job at Mrs Vernon’s. She’s such a lovely lady……quiet, and kind, never looks down her nose at me, or makes me use an old chipped mug for my cup of tea instead of the good china, just because I’m the daily (or in her case, the weekly!)

I'm not sure what Mr Vernon does - I think he works in the City. I always try to see the sunbeams in people, not the raindrops, but I have to say it - mostly Mr Vernon is like a wet week! And he doesn’t talk to her very nice, either. I’ll give you a for instance……..Mrs V’s first name is Mildred, known as Millie. And sometimes he yells out “Millie, get in here….!”, and she says to me

“Was he calling you or me, Minnie?” And I think to myself

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This month's featured stories

From ‘CAN DO’ to ‘CAN DID’……..!

In today’s economic climate, we all have to do more with less, and so we’re told that there’s a real and imperative need for a ‘can do’ attitude. Yet one of the most powerful secrets of business success is not just a ‘can do’ attitude, but an ability to ‘live’ your goals backwards. – in other words, to have a ‘can did!’ attitude instead…… and the ability to action it!

So here’s the secret of how to do this:-

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When I was a child, there were two constants in my life….I loved learning; and I hated school. The two were apparently incompatible – with a couple of notable exceptions.

In my Primary school it was George Breeze, the music teacher. The first time I had a lesson with him I sat reluctantly at the piano, waiting for instructions, Instruction! But he simply asked me what I wanted from music, and what it would be like when I got it. Sharing that with Mr Breeze crystallised it in my own head, and also made me feel comfortable… rapport with myself as well as with him.

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