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The first step to helping others with their learning, behavioural, emotional and physical difficulties is to see them and yourself in a new way, a way which allows for change. A way which offers hope, and provides specific and useful tools and skills.
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This workshop provides new insights into the experience of students with ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, other learning difficulties and complex and profound learning and physical disabilities and how to respond more appropriately to them and their needs. You will discover new effective learning strategies and practical approaches for helping these students and gain a better understanding of how they think, feel and do and the interaction between them.

Sometimes referred to as 'the study of subjective experience' NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, offers very exciting opportunities for students who have been diagnosed with learning difficulties. NLP is the study of how individuals put their experience (pictures, words, feelings, actions) together and how effective they are in achieving the results they want. It is based on the premise that we are "programmed" by our past experiences - sometimes in ways that support us and sometimes in ways that limit us. NLP enables you to recognise non-judgementally any limiting behavioural, communication, learning, or emotional patterns and gives you the tools to do something about them. It shows you how you can shift, or, if necessary, "reprogram" certain beliefs, internal states, behaviours or (learning) strategies so that you are freed-up to get the results you want in your life.

The workshop is led by Paul Jacobs, certified NLP Trainer, Master NLP Coach, learning consultant and life coach.

You will learn how to
  • applying the NLP five Pillars and NLP Presuppositions to helping students with Special Educational Needs.
  • exploring how a student structures their thinking and learning strategies and what intervention will make a real difference
  • fine tune your senses to notice the difference that will make the difference
  • adapt your teaching to individual learning and thinking styles
  • encourage effective learning states for your students and yourself
  • positively affect self esteem
  • support your students in overcoming their difficulties and fears
  • respond resourcefully and increase your behavioural choice under stress
  • turn students on to learning and keep them turned on and committed

This course is suitable for

Anyone who wants to make a difference in special educational needs - educational needs advisors, assistants, and for teachers and educators.

Programme Investment

This course is a one day workshop - part of the New Oceans Education Diploma and Education Short Cuts programme. A comprehensive course manual and all refreshments are included in the course fee.

Course fees £60 for the 1 day

Remember bring a friend and you can claim a 20% discount.

Venue & Dates

All workshops are held at New Oceans training centre Hexton, Herts

The workshop begins at 9:30 for 10:00am start and ends at 5:00pm

Thurs 14 AUG


Discover how NLP can make a major difference in all aspects of teaching students with difficulties and disabilities.

Seven for the class

  1. Discover the children’s preferred learning styles and allow for them to be different.
  2. Use circle time to share their values and identity.
  3. Celebrate their sunbeams and reframe their raindrops.
  4. Allow children to share how they do things so that they can model each other.
  5. Use brain gym to calm, energise or reconnect right and left brain for improved concentration.
  6. Help the children to access an appropriate state to learn easily.
  7. Increase motivation by recognising success and putting it in the future.

Seven for the teacher

  1. Quickly develop rapport with parents through pacing and leading.
  2. Deliver information through all the senses.
  3. Use different places in the room to deliver different types of message, or for different activities.
  4. Use hand signals to accompany instructions leading to silent classroom control.
  5. Accept that there is a positive intention for every behaviour.
  6. Be in the best state to deliver the lesson.
  7. Be clear what your outcomes are for the lesson, and know when you have achieved them.

Seven for one to one

  1. Match the child’s body, voice and language to gain rapport with them.
  2. Separate the behaviour from the child.
  3. Encourage them to see things from different perspectives.
  4. Change their state by moving them into the future.
  5. Increase motivation by putting what they want into the future and experiencing it.
  6. Change an undesirable behavioural response to a more acceptable one.
  7. Uncover hidden gifts and transfer them to more challenging contexts.

Seven for yourself

  1. Put yourself into the state you want at any time.
  2. Learn to understand difficult people.
  3. Develop rapport easily with anyone.
  4. Recognise your own values to make sure you meet them.
  5. Reframe raindrops and enjoy the sunbeams.
  6. Use outcome thinking to produce a positive attitude.
  7. Change limiting beliefs to more empowering ones.

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