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Lyricist Dee Shipman and composer Wes McGhee have written this first ever collection of songs in a Country style, based on NLP presuppositions and techniques. A highly original approach to, and tool for NLP training. And great fun! 

There aren't many firsts left in life these days - everything seems to have been done by someone somewhere .. but here is that rare thing - a new CD of songs for change, based on the NLP Presuppositions and change patterns, which, as far as I know, has never been done before. And certainly not in this format:- "right-on" country music!

Wes Mcghee is a well-known Country musician, who has been living in the U.S.A, and working with stars like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson etc. He has written and arranged all the music for this CD, and sings on it with Janie Romer.

Dee Shipman has written all the lyrics. Dee, who is an NLP Master Practitioner, is a renowned lyricist. She has written West End and Broadway musicals, with Petula Clark and Charles Aznavour, and writes all Aznavour's English lyrics.

Having always had a love for Country music ("because it tells stories in song, which is what I specialise in" Dee says) when Paul Jacobs of New Oceans NLP training consultancy and publishing suggested she write a CD of songs for change she was excited by the challenge and the possibilities, the potential for bringing NLP in a new way to a new audience. And it works!

The songs are:

TRACK 1 - NEW OCEANS - from an Andre Gide quote which first prompted Paul to turn away from his own "known shores" and set up the most innovative and inspiring training organisation, to extend NLP boundaries to new horizons with Rainbow Technology.

TRACK 2 - TIMELINE DANCIN' - stepping out to explore your past, present and future.

TRACK 3 -REFRAME - it's not what happens, it's the way you see it - what was once a raindrop can turn out to be a sunbeam.

TRACK 4 - THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY - the presupposition rejoicing in our uniqueness.

TRACK 5 - THE SPIRIT OF NLP - the key attitude, the rock which is the foundation of NLP - with a "King of Rock" interpretation!

TRACK 6 - YOU DO IT SO WELL - modelling excellence, the heart of NLP.

TRACK 7 - YOU HAVE ALL THE COLOURS - We already have all the resources we need to succeed; now Rainbow Technology adds the colour to our lives.

TRACK 8 - YOU'RE MY ANCHOR - a love song - because love is the greatest anchor of all.

TRACK 9 - SWISHFUL THINKIN' - blue grass comes to one of NLP's most dramatic techniques for change!

TRACK 10 - STEP INSIDE - future pace to become your Ideal You.

TRACK 11 - YOUR EYES - a beautiful way of looking at looking.

TRACK 12 - WHAT WOULD YOU DO - no failure only feedback.

TRACK 13 - THE INNER TEAM - who we are inside and how to make friends with them and create congruence.

TRACK 14 - DO SOMTHING DIFF'RENT - if you always do what you have always done you always get what you have always got.

TRACK 15 - START WITH THE END IN MIND - successful people do it backwards!.

TRACK 16 - WE ONLY LEARN - no failure, only feedback and learning.


NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming - is first and foremost a spirit, an attitude, of curiosity and wonder. It is an openness not to the “Why?” of things, but to the “How?”. Yes, it’s techniques and methodologies – but it is so much more…. it’s a child-like spirit that is non-judgemental: that sees someone, for example, who is depressed, and in order to help them,wants to know, not “why?” – because asking that would take the person back and risk getting them ‘stuck’ even further into the unresourceful state – but “how?; how do they DO depression?”

Because there is a structure to thinking – feeling, hearing, seeing – and if we can unpack how that person ‘does’ depression we can amend and improve the structure and help them to help themselves to .move on.  In fact one of the definitions of NLP is ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’.

It is also about modelling excellence… of the NLP presuppositions is ‘if one person can do something well, we can elicit the structure of how they do it (model them), and map it across to ourselves or teach someone else how to do it.’

NLP has a number of these presuppositions, for example ‘the map is not the territory’; meaning that we each have our own representation of reality which is NOT the world outside our heads, but is our uniquely filtered version, or map, of it: because we each have an innate sensory preference, and our own values and beliefs; and all the sensory information which bombards us every second of our lives is filtered and stored according to these.

So none of our maps can ever be the territory, in the same way that a menu is not the food!

Another prime presupposition is ‘behind every action is a positive intention’. This can be hard to take on board at first… .but when we act ‘as if’ it is true, for instance when dealing with a difficult person, magic occurs!

The two ‘midwives’ who were responsible for the birth of Neuro Linguistic Programming, in Santa Cruz nearly thirty years ago, were Richard Bandler and John Grinder.  They were fascinated by the fact that nearly every American at that time seemed to be in therapy, which dragged on for years…..but very few improved

So they studied three therapists who DID appear to make a difference – Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, and Milton H. Erickson.  They discovered a pattern in common between Satir and Perls, which they called the Metamodel (over and above both of them) which was a very precise and elegant language for uncovering deep experience and reconnecting it to the surface experience.

Intriguingly, Milton H. Erickson seemed to be doing the mirror image of this…… his was artfully vague language which helped the client to move from a ‘stuck’ current state to the desired state, and this became the Milton model:-  and Neuro Linguistic Programming was born.

There are many wonderful books which will give you masses of information about NLP, and there are Courses available all round the world, including of course our own New Oceans trainings.

NLP is a set of wonderful tools for self-help, and helping others. It is NOT a new discipline which you ‘do’ to people! It is a notation for how we do what we do naturally…… a method for being able to consciously access unconscious procedures; giving us choice where we perceived none; letting us always be in the most appropriate emotional state, etc…  while above all still trusting our unconscious; our inner teams who have always been there for us.

Because that is where our true wisdom lies.

If you would like to know more about Neuro Linguistic Programming please visit our website:-

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